The American Independence Day Playlist

The American Independence Day Playlist

This weekend, Americans will be celebrate the largest annual fireworks display in the history of their nation. This playlist from Spotify user Jason Lawson will help you feel like an American patriot almost as effectively as a speech by Bill Pullman, regardless of whether you’re actually American or not.

Photo by jnn1776.

This Monday, Americans will be united in their common interests with songs from Guns n’ Roses, Neil Diamond, Led Zeppelin and Kenny Loggins. For them, Monday will no longer be known as the day when they grudgingly go back to work, but as the day when they launch questionably legal fireworks. The day they fire up the barbecue and remember that Lee Greenwood exists. On Monday, they celebrate their Independence Day!

Australians still have to go to work, though.

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  • Nothing more I could be less interested in, is Americans and their religious nuts, their extreme gun mad nuts, let alone alone their Independence Day celebrations, which includes their history of like killing each other (which they still do so well today). Should we as Aussies really give a stuff? I know I don’t! (obviously)

  • This list is not just misplaced it’s also vomit inducing.

    Who in their right mind wants to watch hours upon of gung-ho Americans loudly proclaiming they are the greatest on earth with their overdone patriotic and religious vigour. Erk.

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