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The ‘Work From Home Week’ Playlist

Of the many pleasures of working in the place that you live, blasting your own music might be the best. (That or going pantless.) To help you get into that chill workplace groove, we built you a playlist for cranking up in the home office, or pumping through your earbuds…

Scrub Up With The Lifehacker Bathtime Playlist For Adults

When my baby daughter was getting grumpy in the bathtub, and I put TLC’s “No Scrubs” on Spotify, I knew I had something special to share with the world. There are tons of bathtime songs for children, but most of them are tedious. So I made a bathtime playlist for…

Wake Up With These Killer Morning Playlists

Goood morning Lifehacker! I hope you’re fired up and ready to go, cause we’ve got a high-energy morning playlist to get you out the door and into your work! And if you dry-heaved at the words “fired up,” we also have a low-energy playlist to ease you into your day….