Make Travelling With Your Partner Less Stressful By Setting Expectations

Make Travelling With Your Partner Less Stressful by Setting Expectations

A holiday with your significant other is supposed to bring you closer together, but a pleasant trip can quickly turn sour if you both want different things. One simple conversation before you book your trip will save you a lot of trouble.

Photo by Lynn Holland.

As Anna Goldfarb at The Kitchn explains, a lot of friction can happen when one partner wants to one thing on a holiday, and the other wants to do something different. That's why she recommends you identify a goal for your trip beforehand. Are you going to see the sights? Are you relaxing on the beach? Or are you there to see family and spend time with loved ones?

It can also be an issue if neither of you know what you want to do. Sit down, talk about what you want, and come to a consensus before you start planning. It will help you narrow down your itinerary and save you some grief later on.

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