Get To Sleep Earlier By Setting A Bedtime Alarm

Get To Sleep Earlier By Setting A Bedtime Alarm

If you want to stop hitting the snooze button every morning, you need to get to bed earlier. Setting an alarm at night will remind you that it’s time to hit the hay, no matter how preoccupied you are.

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I am always trying to get to bed earlier, but more often than not, I’m doing something in the evening that distracts me until it’s literally too late. I’ll grab my phone after watching some TV or playing some games and realise I’ve already screwed up my plan to get a good start on the next day. That’s why Laura Vanderkam at Fast Company recommends you set a bedtime alarm. It’s just like a waking alarm, but instead of waking up, it’s telling you it’s time to get comfortable, read a book and wind down for the night. If you’re using your phone, customise your alarm so it has a helpful message too. Remind yourself how good it feels to wake up rested, or give yourself a reason to look forward to waking up in the morning, like a great cup of coffee or some pre-work personal time. And consider using a different alarm sound than the one you use in the morning.

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  • Have been doing this for years and have noticed a massive increase in my sleep; therefore life! Being able to wake up early to hit the gym feeling great all day and then being able to truly wind down before bed really helps the brain from racing at night.

  • Sleep As Android does this for you! If you tell it how many hours of sleep you like to have (mine’s set for 7.5) and set an alarm for the next day, it’ll remind you that it’s time to go to bed if you want to have that much sleep.

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