These Are Australia’s Most Dangerous Spiders [Infographic]

Australia is home to some of the most toxic spiders on the planet. Thankfully, the development of anti-venom has made fatalities and serious illnesses exceedingly rare. Nevertheless, there are some arachnids that you just don’t mess with. This chart from Pest Control Warriors ranks the hairiest heavy-hitters: from the potentially deadly funnel-web spider to the non-poisonous but no-less terrifying huntsman.

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Spiders are not the enemy. Without them, humanity would be besieged with a creepy-crawly plague of Biblical proportions. Admittedly, this is little consolation when a plate-sized arachnid drops directly onto your arm while adjusting the curtains. Or repeatedly bites you on the face for walking into its cobweb. Or slowly crawls inside your ear while you sleep in search of a warm home for its hundreds of baby eggs. Okay, we’ll stop now.

The infographic below lists all the Aussie spiders that commonly bite humans. As you can see, it’s actually a pretty small list. Doubtlessly you’ve seen some of these in your house or around the garden and wondered whether they have large enough fangs to sting you. The answer is yes.

The main ones to be mindful of are the red-back, funnel web and white-tip. Otherwise, you’re looking at a somewhat painful bite as a worst case scenario.

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[Via Pest Control Warriors]

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