11 Questions To Ask Roommates During The Interview

11 Questions To Ask Roommates During The Interview

It’s tough to find the right people to live with, but over at Apartment Therapy they have come up with a set of 11 questions that should help you figure out if you’ll get along with a potential roommate. Here they are, in no particular order.

Photo by Ed Platt.

Basically, you’re just looking to see if you’re living styles mesh well. Here’s the set of questions they offer up:

  1. What temperatures do you set the air conditioner at?
  2. How are rent and bills going to be handled?
  3. Do you like to entertain?
  4. What will our policy be about significant others?
  5. How will we split up chores?
  6. Let’s talk about your threshold for cleanliness
  7. How do you prefer to handle conflict?
  8. How will we handle decorating?
  9. What does your daily schedule involve?
  10. What’s your noise threshold?
  11. What are your feelings about pets?

Obviously, you don’t need to ask all of these, but it’s a good set of questions for problems you might not have considered before. Head over to Apartment Therapy for more ideas.

11 Questions to Ask Your New Roommate (Before You Move In) [Apartment Therapy]

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