Ask LH: Why Can't I Get AnyDVD To Work On Windows 10?

Dear Lifehacker, I just put Windows 10 on to my computer and now AnyDVD doesn't work. Is there any way to fix this issue? I use it to watch movies purchased overseas and the other DVD-playing programs on my computer refuse to play the discs. I would like to have it back on my computer (I have a lifetime subscription). Is there any remedy you know of that doesn't involve buying more software? Thanks, Foreign Reader

Dear FR,

If you're using an older version of AnyDVD, it may be incompatible with Window's latest operating system. To compound the issue, Slysoft — the company behind AndDVD — closed its doors at the beginning of the year due to "regulatory issues". (Read the original post here.) This makes upgrading difficult as the original website no longer exists.

However, you can still upgrade to a new version of AnyDVD that's friendly with Windows 10 — if you're willing to pay a price. Back in March, Slysoft limped back into existence as the newly christened "RedFox" and brought its back catalogue of software with it. Unfortunately, the new version of AnyDVD is considered a separate product, so it's not covered by your lifetime subscription. As RedFox/Slysoft explain on its forum:

If you purchased from SlySoft, you can only use it with a version no higher than If you want to use RedFox AnyDVD HD 8.x.x.x, you'll need to purchase a new license. If you purchased on or after 1st December 2015, you'll be eligible for a special deal.

While it's technically possible to get the last SlySoft version ( 2016 03 01) to work on Windows 10, you won't receive any further fixes or updates. In other words, all previous versions are being left to die a slow death. Existing AnyDVD users are urged to upgrade to the RedFox version, which you can find here.

This is a stark reminder that so-called "lifetime" subscriptions and warranties rarely deliver on their promise. As the company is not based in Australia, seeking financial recourse is frustratingly difficult. You can contact the ACCC for advice, but don't expect a reimbursement to be forthcoming.

If you refuse to buy the same product again on principle, gHacks has a great list of AnyDVD alternatives that are well worth considering. Check them out here.

We're also going to throw this one over to our readers — what's your favourite DRM circumvention software for use on Windows 10? Share your recommendations with FR in the comments.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    I have used Makemkv (one of the recommend replacements) for years now and it has been good to me. It's pretty great.

    Cheaper to buy a region-free USB DVD-ROM for $25, especially since most software won't work with newer firmware region-protections.

    Will it run in Compatibility Mode for an earlier version of Windows?
    Roll-back to Windows 7 (if it was an in-place upgrade) is a viable option.

    I refuse to pay them any more, they've done a real dodgy on their customer here. Those customers who took out lifetime subscriptions are getting screwed over by them. I'm not going to give them any more money, I already purchased it from them under a "lifetime" subscription, I'm just going to get it from "other" sources now, screw them.

    Just To$$ent it!
    I had a Steam account with over a grand worth if games hacked and stolen. Spent a year trying to get it back to no avail. Sent scans my CC origanal scans of the games keys like call of duty and bioshock ect.
    So forgive me and call me a pirate but after a year and many dozens of emails i have had enough.
    Even accc said they couldnt help.
    Extratorrent all day the way thanks to Steam...

    I am using AnyDVD version from RedFox and found the same issue that everybody seems to encounter. The program crashes randomly. However it seems to be more prevalent with the change of media. If I put a DVD-RW in my drive, nothing will happen, no volume label change will occur under the specific drive letter. When I move my mouse over the RedFox icon in the taskbar it will suddenly disappear. However, when I go to my program files in the star menu and reactivate AnyDVD, all of a sudden everything is back to normal. I can read my rewriteable UDF formatted disc.

    I have been to the RedFox forums and the only advice that was given was to reinstall AnyDVD. However doing this has not changed the way my PC behaves. I also forgot to mention that I am using Windows 10 Build 14393, the 2nd anniversary edition.

    Now I am willing to accept advise, but please do not ask ridiculous questions. I am a PC expert and have a lot of experience installing software on Windows based PC systems.
    So please do not ask me about installing drivers, or if I have performed a system files check using SFC /scanow, or if I have done a system restore point etc. I have covered ALL bases. This problem is an Operating System problem which Microsoft has neglected to cover.

    So I am open to sensible solutions. Please do not write to me if your only advice is to download more current drivers using Driver Agent or other some such software. I have already done that.


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