Which Australian City Has The Tardiest Workers? [Infographic]

Which Australian City Has The Tardiest Workers? [Infographic]

30 per cent of Australians regularly turn up late for work. That’s the chief finding from a new report by employee management solutions provider Deputy. Interestingly, the number differs considerably across Australia’s five major cities. Read on to find out how each city ranked.

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To reach its findings, Deputy analysed over 400,000 shifts across 10,000 workers for six months. It discovered that Adelaide had the highest proportion of late starters (41%), closely followed by Melbourne (40%) and Sydney (40%).

“We’d all assume that Melbourne or Sydney would have been the least on time city due to traffic, so it was surprising to find out that Adelaide workers win that dubious honour,” said Kristin Harris, general manager of Deputy.

The average late start ranged from 8:04 minutes to 9:24 minutes, with early birds exhibiting a similar time range.

Surprisingly, the city where most people start work early is Brisbane, where a whopping 69% of employees regularly arrive before their shift starts. When it came to individual industries, construction, hospitality and healthcare have the most late starters.

Unsurprisingly, Gen Y was usually the worst offender, while the Baby Boomer generation was the most reliable across all five cities. You can check out the rest of the findings in the below infographic:

[Via Deputy]


  • i’d like to see this done with different industries and not age. ignorance doesnt know the boundary of age. Working in IT our guys are late almost every day because of work outside of work but when I was working at woolies the more senior staff rocked up late most days because the job was lifeless

  • Tardiest? Go have a look at their bathrooms to figure out who’s the tardiest.

    • And the territories and last time I checked a settlement didn’t have to be a capitol to be considered a city…

  • aka: Which Australian cities have the worst traffic congestion and public transport?

    There must be a reason all those people were late.

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