Use Active Hours In Windows To Prevent Updates When You Need To Use Your PC

Use Active Hours In Windows to Prevent Updates When You Need to Use Your PC

Windows: Microsoft has a nasty habit of pushing updates when they're least convenient. If you're tired of updates occurring when you're working, the new Anniversary Update can avoid them during work hours. This new feature will roll out later this winter with the Anniversary Update (though Insiders can try it now). To set Active Hours, follow these steps:

  1. Search for "updates" in your Start menu and choose "Check for updates".
  2. Under "Update settings", click "Change active hours".
  3. Set your Start and End time for your work day.

Once you've set these hours, Windows will avoid pushing updates during that time frame. In previous versions of Windows, Microsoft often pushed them with no ability to defer them for too long if you were in the middle of work. The most recent version of Windows (the one you're probably using now if you're not an Insider), allowed you to schedule a restart time later if you were busy, but this method is much better to make sure that updates avoid the times when you're working.

How to configure Active Hours to avoid Windows 10 sudden restarts during updates [Windows Central]


    Fuck, my active hours will be set at midnight to midnight. I'll update my PC when I'm good and fucking ready

      Actually tried this but it will not allow you to set a window larger than 10 hours.

        That's prejudiced against people that work more than 10hours in a day, bloody MS.

    Does this stop the download or just the install? Its the downloading that bugs me, it makes my internet unusable on my already rubbish ADSL.

      Looks like this is the install only.

      If you don't have windows 10 pro, you could always just disable wuauserv and enable and run when you want to update. If you have the pro version you could use group policies to manage it easier.

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