Leave Your Fish Uncovered In The Fridge For Extra Crispy Skin

If you like your fish with super crispy skin, you need to dry it out a little before you get cooking. Here's how it's done.

Fish photo by Shutterstock.

According to Chef Donald Link at Bon Appétit, fish with wet skin will steam and stick to your pan. If it doesn't end up ripping apart while you cook it, the skin will still be pretty soggy regardless. To avoid that, Link suggests you pull out your fish fillets one hour before cooking, stick them on a plate skin side up (no seasoning yet), and let them sit uncovered in the fridge.

This will give the excess moisture time to evaporate from the skin so it ends up perfectly crispy when it's cooked. You might want to steer clear of non-stick skillets too.

How to Cook Fish with Crispy Skin, Every Time [Bon Appétit]


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