Local Measure's Located Social Media Platform Is Australia's First Instagram Partner

Aussie startup Local Measure is a community management tool that helps businesses analyse customer feedback on social media based on location. It's just become the first Australian company to be recognised as an Instagram Partner — joining the likes of Hootsuite, Adobe and Salesforce.

Instagram's Partner Program recognises companies that "combine expertise and technology" to help businesses use Instagram as a community and marketing platform. Partners are chosen and showcased in three streams — Ad Tech, Content Marketing and Community Management, of which Local Measure is classed under the latter.

Founded in 2011, Local Measure has some large clients of the likes of Accor, which may have helped it to be the first Aussie company to catch Instagram's eye. The Partner page calls it 'the leading location-based social platform', and Local Measure really does take a unique approach to social media insights.

Local Measure's proprietary technology allows businesses and brands to geofence and geolocate user generated content to better understand their community, engage with them in real time, manage multiple social media handles, moderate comments and source and acquire rights to social content.

The unique web-based tool has found favour especially in the hospitality and tourism industries, being used by hotels, shopping centres, destination marketing, entertainment and events and cultural venues across the world. All of these are industries where social media feedback can be very visual — in the form of photos of a hotel stay or organised tour being posted to Instagram.

"Sometimes 60 or 70 percent of all the feedback being shared to a hotel or airport or destination is on Instagram, and in some cases it’s even higher," founder Jonathan Barouch told Startup Daily.

It global focus may be another reason that the platform has been picked up by Instagram — with the visually focussed social media platform constituting one of the largest sources of social engagement across most markets worldwide.

[Startup Daily]


    Wow the service looks amazing! I've recently started to actively use geolocaton features of Instagram in different ways, and the stats based on geography is exactly what I needed. Simply measured was good, but not that much lately. For a local place to attract people basing on their location is the best way to grow real clientele, I managed to almost double my favorite cafe's by just running the promotion in our town on instamatik.ru. BTW the service is dope, you can pay to unfollow people, but you also can automatically attract them for free basing on chosen criteria. Anybody knows what marketing model is that?)

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