Google Translate Adds Offline Mode On iPhone And 'Tap To Translate' On Android

Android/iOS: Google's rolling out big updates for Google Translate apps on Android and iOS. Most notably, the iOS version now supports an offline mode, but Android also gets a handy new Tap to Translate button. The iOS offline mode means you can now translate text when you don't have a data connection. If you're travelling, this is incredibly useful since you likely aren't paying for an international plan. In the Google Translate app, just tap the arrow next to the language name to download the package for that language. Android has had this for a while, but the offline mode will also now work with the new Tap to Translate feature.

The Tap to Translate feature integrates Google Translate everywhere in Android. When you copy text from any language, a Google Translate button will pop up and you can paste the text to translate it right there without leaving the app you're in. Finally, Word Lens, the feature that allows you to point your camera at text to translate it, now supports both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Google Translate (Free) [Google Play via Google Google Translate (Free) [iTunes App Store via Google]


    Google Translate's "Tap to Translate" feature is not real tap to translate, because you still need to copy text to clipboard in pre-Marshmallow android, or select text in Marshmallow before you can tap to translate.
    There is an app that adds real "Tap To Translate" feature to Google Translate. Go to for more information.

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