Five Surprising First Date Deal Breakers

All kinds of things can go wrong on a first date, but not every pitfall is as obvious as you think. According to one survey of over 1300 singles, you should try to avoid these lesser-known deal breakers as well. Photo by Maelick.

The survey, conducted by the online dating site Elite Singles, came up with a lot of the common first date red flags we've talked about before. Getting too drunk, spending too much time on your phone and talking about your other dates is never the best idea. But the survey did turn up five unexpected deal breakers:

  1. Dressing too formally: Eighty-three per cent surveyed said they preferred an all around casual first date in terms of dress and meeting spot.
  2. Taking pictures of your food: Taking photos during a first date is really off-putting, even more so than not offering to split the bill.
  3. Taking selfies: Again, skip the photos and keep your phone in your purse or pocket. People hated this more than someone not tipping. (Keep in mind that the respondents were from the US, where there is a bigger tipping culture than Australia.)
  4. Not talking enough: Yes, you should listen to your date when they're talking, but you have to say things too. Sixty-eight per cent of the singles surveyed said they would rather have their date talk too much than too little.
  5. Adding your date on social networks: You might want to hold off on adding your date on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Twenty per cent of those surveyed said this would make them feel uncomfortable.

Surprisingly, the survey also suggests that two well-known dating pitfalls aren't actually that big of a deal. Only three per cent of those surveyed said being a bad kisser was a deal breaker, and only five per cent said that a bad tipper wouldn't get a second date. You can learn more at the link below.

The top 10 first date deal breakers [Elite Singles]


    Wait, "not offering to split the bill"? I can see how some strong independent women will be insulted by an unsolicited treat, but wouldn't all others just think that you were being cheap? Is this maybe an Australian thing? Where I come from, offering to split the bill will only achieve to make you a laughing/angry topic of conversation between the girl and her friends.

      @pylgrim - I don't think "not offering to split the bill" was meant as one person suggesting the other person pay half, instead of the person who did the "asking out" paying the whole bill. (In your scenario, the girl offering to split the bill, not the guy asking her to pay)

        Oh I guess you are right. It just didn't cross my mind because if a guy liked a girl enough to ask her on a date, he's not going to think less of her if she doesn't offer to split the bill.

    If I ask someone out; I pay. Simple. If they offer to split, that's an insult, as though they think I ask out but can't afford it! Sheesh.

      Plenty of people think offering is a simple courtesy. NOT offering can have as many pitfallls as offering, so its not a black and white issue.

      I normally pay for the first date (and usually second and third), but thats me. I wouldnt mind if the date offered, but would be politely refusing, saying I asked them out, so it was up to me. Hasnt failed yet.

      But if they dont offer, then thats saying they expect it, which says something about their character you may not want. Often that expectation you'll pay goes hand in hand with other undesirable traits - like being self absorbed.

    Let them pay, and say: "I'll get the next one"


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