Atlassian May Have Finally Fixed The Performance Of SourceTree On Windows

Atlassian May Have Finally Fixed The Performance Of SourceTree On Windows

Regular users of SourceTree’s Windows client will be familiar with bug SRCTREEWIN-2093. First reported in August 2014, the critical performance issue continues to sit as “unresolved” almost two years later. However, after being pushed back multiple times to future releases, it seems developer Atlassian might finally have a hold on it.

To be fair to Atlassian, once the problem received some attention beyond regular users, the company noticeably picked up its game. Communication improved and program updates arrived more regularly.

Unfortunately, no patch has yet to address SRCTREEWIN-2093. In fact, the performance woes proved so elusive that the developer was forced to disable one of the program’s major UI components — the Staging Area tree-view. This of course “fixed” the bug, but it was a hell of a workaround.

The good news is, respite may have finally arrived. Atlassian’s Mike Corsaro posted the following bug update on April 26:

Hello Everyone,
As some of you know, we’ve chosen to remove the tree-view in the Staging Area due to performance issues. I’m happy to announce that we’ve solved these issues, and will be adding it back in the latest beta release! Also, thank you for your patience and feedback – we always appreciate hearing from our users, and value the time you spend helping us make SourceTree a better product.

The release in question is 1.9.1 beta 1, which can be downloaded from Atlassian’s BitBucket.

I plan to stick with 1.5.2 for now, but once it hits stable, I look forward to updating SourceTree for the first time in almost two years.


  • Maybe next, they’ll get around to allowing subtasks of subtasks in JIRA…

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