Trust Employees To Decide How And When They Work To Build Loyalty

Replacing employees is a pain in the butt and good ones can be difficult to find. It’s in your best interest to retain good talent and encourage them to be loyal to your organisation. So how do you cultivate that loyalty among your staff? Giving them more control over how they work is one solution. Here’s how.

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We've talked about the importance on making employees more engaged with the companies they are working for in order to make them feel appreciated. Another way to make them feel valued is to trust them to make decisions on how and when they work, according to LinkedIn's Talent Blog:

"The easiest way to increase employee engagement is to have them set their own work hours and decide whether and when to work remotely."

Technology has opened doors to working anywhere, anytime and employees appreciate the freedom to decide their work hours that fits better with their lives. The whole "9-to-5 job" construct is now a thing of the past and employers that embrace the change will no doubt see bolstered employee satisfaction and, in turn, increased loyalty. Obviously, employees shouldn't take advantage of this trust either so it's important that both staff and employers work together to sort out working arrangements that fit both the individual and the organisation.

[Via LinkedIn Talent Blog]


    How to keep Employees Loyal:
    2 Don't screw with there time off
    3 Have competent management that takes advice from the departments rather than just over ruling them all with what the 'manager' thinks is best (the Manager never knows shit)

    Giving employees freedom to make decisions is good, but if they don't know the economics of the company, it can be disastrous. That is why economic transparency is so valuable. Treating employees like adults, involving them in the economics of the business, helping them to think and act like business partners, consistently driving profitable growth. The information engages their minds, and the trust engages their hearts.

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