A Connected Culture Attracts And Keeps Top Talent

A Connected Culture Attracts And Keeps Top Talent

Technology has changed the way we work.

The workplace is no longer restricted to the office or a boardroom. It exists wherever we are — at home, on the road, in the air or at the beach — and is reliant upon a solid internet connection.

Communication, collaboration and staying connected, is at the core of almost every successful business.

Keeping in touch is paramount to productivity, and in a fast-paced corporate environment, the flexibility and portability of virtualised collaboration is critical.

Some things never change

Regardless of tech innovation, the value of face-to-face communication has never tapered. Whether discussing complex work processes or simply throwing ideas back and forth, eye contact and body language enhance employees’ ability to collaborate and share intentions.

According to IBM’s “Achieving success with a flexible workplace” research paper, 74% of CIOs and IT Managers place greater priority on the flexible workplace over other investments.

Creating a culture of openness, transparency and connectivity brings teams together.

Businesses are investing in new ways for employees to keep in touch, no matter where they are.

Better conversations

Cisco CMR (Collaboration Meeting Rooms) assists your mobile workforce by combining innovative video conferencing infrastructure with proven WebEx services, to deliver an exceptional meeting experience on any device.

You can meet with anyone, inside or outside your organisation via video, and share content too.

The Forbes white paper “Boost innovation with video communication” revealed that 78% of executives believe online video is an effective tool for conducting business communications.

Using Cisco’s CMR your staff can increase productivity and get personal with face-to-face meetings. You’ll also save your business money on travel costs and office space, as well as costly recruiting and retraining because you can empower valuable employees who need to relocate or work from home for a few days.

Video conferencing will also go a long way to improving your employees’ work-life balance. Connecting from wherever you are to whomever you need, will reduce stress and increase performance.

A solution that works

Face-to-face communication helps people reach decisions faster and participants in video meetings are more likely to stay alert and focused on what is being discussed.

According to Gigaom Research’s “Video conferencing and collaborative engagement”, 65% of communication is non-verbal in nature.

Using Cisco’s proven technology, your staff will be able to build closer relationships and improve trust. The software is scalable, so whether it’s two people or 1000, you’ll enjoy consistent quality.

You’re also able to share files and content.

WebEx mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, Android and other devices are ideal for brainstorming sessions, team meetings and online training events. There’s also cloud-based services to minimise on-premises call control investment.

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