The Best Plants To Bring Life To Your Bathroom

The Best Plants to Bring Life to Your Bathroom

Plants are a great way to bring a little natural beauty indoors. They clean the air in your home and add colour to every room. Your bathroom, however, can be a tough environment, but here are plants that will thrive in the humidity. Image from The Sill for Parachute.

Generally, tropical plants do well in your bathroom since they're used to the humidity and lack of sunlight. Consider pothos, air plants (no soil needed!) and ferns. If your bathroom has lots of sunlight but is still humid, opt for succulents that can tolerate humidity, like aloe. Oh, and remember that even though these plants will be surrounded by the steam from your shower, you still need to water them from time to time. For more details and some other plant suggestions for your home, hit the link below.

The Best Plants for Bedrooms and Bathrooms, by The Sill [Parachute]


    Air plants no longer may be imported or brought into Australia, meaning they're becoming very expensive.

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