Heatmap News Shows You What's Going On Around The World

Heatmap News Shows You What's Going on Around the World

If you're a news hound, there are plenty of apps and services out there to help you keep tabs on what's going on around the world. Heatmap News does just that, with an added bonus: it maps out exactly where that news is happening. The site collects headlines and snippets using Google News, then visualises those headlines real-time on a world map. Click on the map's hotspots, and you can see what's happening in that area. You can also filter by time frame: news within the last hour, today, this week or a specific date.

The gimmick of this tool is fun in that you can visualise your news and choose headlines based on location. However, I also really like the idea of connecting news to geographic location. It makes the headline a little more palpable, connecting you to the event, in subtle a way.

It's worth checking out, and you can take a look at the link below.

Heatmap News via Product Hunt and Sam Cordingley


    lol it's too popular now. getting 500 internal server error >

    Appears that the only place in Australia that has any news is Melbourne!

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