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  • How to Find Severe Weather Alerts in the Google News App

    How to Find Severe Weather Alerts in the Google News App

    You’ll typically know when bad weather is headed your way, whether you’ve looked out the sky to see that ominous grey/green tint of a summer thunderstorm, you have a fancy Dark Sky-like app that alerts you when meteorological disaster is approaching, or you’ve been reading the news — the Google News, that is.

  • GNews Is A Google News Notifier For Chrome

    Keeping up with the stream of news throughout the day can be difficult. If you’re looking for a way to stay updated without heading over to Google News repeatedly, GNews is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly glance at hot topics and move on with your day.

  • Google News Application

    Google News has developed a widget for Facebook integration. You’re allowed some customisation; you can pick standard news topics (sports, entertainment, world, etc.) or you can add customised news categories of your own. In addition, you can see stories that your friends have decided are important, or share stories that you find interesting. This is…