Hang An Umbrella From A Chandelier To Catch Dust And Drips While Cleaning

Hang an Umbrella From a Chandelier to Catch Dust and Drips While Cleaning

If you're not careful, cleaning chandeliers and other hanging light fixtures can get dust and gunk on everything down below. This umbrella trick will make sure that doesn't happen.

Photo via directline.com.

When it's time to give your chandelier a good cleaning, Mary H.J. Farrell at Consumer Reports recommends you open and hang an umbrella (the kind with a U-shaped handle) upside down from the bottom of it. Then you can use a blow dryer on the cool setting or a duster to remove all the dust and the umbrella will catch it. If you need to use any cleaning products to wipe it down, the umbrella will catch any drips too. When you're all done, unhook the umbrella, empty it out in the garbage, and clean it up so you can use it again later.

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