7flix Not Working On Your TV? Read This

7flix Not Working On Your TV? Read This

If you can’t get 7Flix to work on your TV or are trying to fix 7Flix’s reception, you’re not alone — many Australians are having the same problem. We explain the common issues with the channel and how to fix them.

Last week, Channel 7 launched a new free-to-air TV channel called 7Flix on Channel 76 that focuses on sitcoms, movies and general entertainment. Unfortunately, quite a few would-be viewers have run into difficulty setting the channel up.

If 7Flix isn’t appearing on your TV or you’re only getting sound and no picture, it probably means one of two things: either you live in a section of regional Australia where 7Flix isn’t offered, or your HD TV lacks an MPEG-4 encoder. Let’s take a look at each in turn.

Regional Australia

7Flix is currently available in metro cities and regional Queensland (Maroochydore and Toowoomba.) If you live outside those areas, you probably can’t get the channel. According to Seven, negotiations are currently underway with regional broadcasters to bring the Channel to the rest of Australia. Fingers crossed!

Fix: Short of moving to the city, the only immediate solution is to stream the channel through Seven’s Plus7 app on your phone or tablet. (Just make sure you’re connected to WiFi or you could unintentionally rack up a huge data bill.)

MPEG-4 compatible TV

7Flix uses MPEG-4 compression to deliver content to your TV. Unfortunately, this means your TV needs to have an inbuilt MPEG4 encoder to receive the new broadcast standard. According to Channel 7, TVs bought prior to 2009 may not support MPEG-4.

If you’re not sure, your best bet is to consult your TV manual (if you tossed it out, it should be relatively easy to find a digital version online.) Any devices bearing the Freeview logo will be MPEG4 capable.

Fix: If your TV doesn’t support MPEG-4, the cheapest solution is to purchase a compatible set top box, which can be snapped up for around $30. Provided you live within the coverage area, this should get the channel up and running. If you already have a set top box and it’s not working, there might be a firmware upgrade available — so check the manufacturer’s website.

When in doubt, tune and tune again!

As a last resort, it can’t hurt to re-scan your TV channels. Some of our readers have reported success by waiting for sunny, non-cloudy day and then re-tuning. Best of luck!


  • I am having this problem with another channel (life, I think) and it says
    ‘format invalid’ which I assume means that I don’t have the encoder. I don’t think my tv is that old. I’m wondering why they would release a channel that isn’t like all the others, available to standard televisions. If this becomes common practice that means that a lot of people, myself included, will have to upgrade or get a set top box. It’s a bit irritating. Really irritating actually.
    Fortunately, my speaker is blown on my tv and need a new one, but I’m still annoyed.

    • MPEG-4 uses less space, so higher picture quality Many more channels will be doing it in future. The Government wants it to happen. Far superior to the MPEG-2 they currently use. As technology evolves, TV broadcasters need to act.

    • A set top box starts at $50. Not really worth replacing a $1000 TV over. In fact, neither is a blown speaker. Not much sounds worse than built in TV speakers, get a sound bar or something at least. You’ll be able to enjoy your TV at a lower volume with superior audio.

      • I thought about the set top box thing but from an aesthetic point of view I’m a bit like “ugh, another ugly box that I have to plug in”. I get that technology updates quickly and I have to keep up, I’m just tired of having to keep up. I’m feeling like the grinch this morning.
        Oddly, I rarely watch the television beyond what I’ve streamed or downloaded (whoops, shouldn’t say that, screw you netflix), so it probably won’t affect me that greatly.
        I probably will get a soundbar, but I’m thinking a bigger tv would be nice (if someone else would pay for it).

      • Where do you buy an encoder for $50? All the ones I’ve seen are hundreds of dollars.

    • 7Flix- I get sound but no picture my tv is a Grundig HD bought after 2009 I’m in Perth so I should be able to get it I just hope to God the Dockers game on Sunday isn’t on that station!!!!!

  • Ahh the joys of buying cheap tv’s… Never had a problem with any of the Samsung TV’s I’ve owned, even the ones which are 6+ yrs old…

    I guess you get what you pay for.

  • Regional. Prime. Middle finger extended.

    Lets move half our shows to a new channel nobody outside of large capital cities can get! While we’re at it, lets get Hulu and forget about trying to watch commercial TV.

  • The easiest and cheapest option in both cases is to simply stream it to an xbmc/kodi media player.

  • Do you know of any Kodi plug-ins that stream live TV? I use the plug-ins that scrape Plus7, 9jumpin etc, but I’d love to watch a live stream for the news.

    I’m also regional and the re-tune has meant that we’ve lost seven and nine. I’m not entirely convinced that’s a bad thing…

  • 7flix worked fine on our TV until early this morning. Sound is now gone and channel moved from 76 to 66. Did a complete reboot and rescan of T-Box – no luck. Getting sick of rescanning this and that everytime they stuff around with their channels or there’s bad weather!

  • I’m in the exact same situation. Was working fine, recorded some OUAT eps, now just picture and no sound. Anyone know how this can be fixed? Have tried re-scanning tbox several times. Frustrating :/

  • When I tuned my tv in 7flix was working perfectly but since about a week or so ago I only get picture but no sound
    All the other channels are working perfectly
    Has anyone else had this happen to them and does anyone know what I can do to fix it

  • I disagree with your comment as I have a Panasonic TV that was far from cheap and I can’t get the new channels in MPEG-4 format.
    May want to reseach facts of TV capabilities before jumping to conclusions that if it doesn’t work you have brough cheap!

  • Why only this channel do I have a problem though? I can’t really see much value in mucking around for the shows they offer any way. When it affects abc or SBS I will care. But from what I can see a few mindlessness shows don’t bother me.

    • Well guess what – it affects SBS (Viceland) now – my Toshiba (not sure how old) won’t get channel 31 anymore

  • My Samsung can’t receive GEM and says “signal scrambled”-it doesnt happen with the other digital channels-ant ideas?

    • hi have you tried a firmware update for your tv mate as i had same thing happen to me be for i went and did a firmware update aka (software update ) for my tv and fix it right way after a scan with the updated firmware

  • hi all if your having trouble getting your TV to pick up all of the mpg4 channels try call the company that is is the one for your TV and then ask them if and how can you update the TV’s firmware i had the sorta same problem to i updated the TV firmware on my Sony TV witch is 6 years old and is working grate now thanks to the firmware update i did to it if any one has any qestions about picking up mpg4 on there tv i am happy to anwer them for you

  • Sounds like it’s just another way to force people to buy another telly. pain in the friggn’ arse actually. I have a plasma which is working fine but unfortunately can’t get this channel or any HD channel for that matter. My LCD tv in the bedroom is a little newer but that can’t get these channels too.. oh well, stiff shit I say… I have Netflix so don’t really need these stupid channels anyway..

  • I’ve been experiencing the same thing on my Samsung UA46D7000 Chl 92 GEM is an issue & 7Flix and this TV is about a 2012 model with no firmware updates available at present. So why they don’t have this sorted out first before rolling out the new mpeg4 format has got me beat. I think now the nbn is in I may have to stream everything. It sounds like the testing was inadequate. Man analogue didn’t have the issues digital technology has.

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