7flix Not Working On Your TV? Read This

If you can’t get 7Flix to work on your TV or are trying to fix 7Flix’s reception, you’re not alone — many Australians are having the same problem. We explain the common issues with the channel and how to fix them.

Last week, Channel 7 launched a new free-to-air TV channel called 7Flix on Channel 76 that focuses on sitcoms, movies and general entertainment. Unfortunately, quite a few would-be viewers have run into difficulty setting the channel up.

If 7Flix isn’t appearing on your TV or you’re only getting sound and no picture, it probably means one of two things: either you live in a section of regional Australia where 7Flix isn’t offered, or your HD TV lacks an MPEG-4 encoder. Let’s take a look at each in turn.

Regional Australia

7Flix is currently available in metro cities and regional Queensland (Maroochydore and Toowoomba.) If you live outside those areas, you probably can’t get the channel. According to Seven, negotiations are currently underway with regional broadcasters to bring the Channel to the rest of Australia. Fingers crossed!

Fix: Short of moving to the city, the only immediate solution is to stream the channel through Seven’s Plus7 app on your phone or tablet. (Just make sure you’re connected to WiFi or you could unintentionally rack up a huge data bill.)

MPEG-4 compatible TV

7Flix uses MPEG-4 compression to deliver content to your TV. Unfortunately, this means your TV needs to have an inbuilt MPEG4 encoder to receive the new broadcast standard. According to Channel 7, TVs bought prior to 2009 may not support MPEG-4.

If you’re not sure, your best bet is to consult your TV manual (if you tossed it out, it should be relatively easy to find a digital version online.) Any devices bearing the Freeview logo will be MPEG4 capable.

Fix: If your TV doesn’t support MPEG-4, the cheapest solution is to purchase a compatible set top box, which can be snapped up for around $30. Provided you live within the coverage area, this should get the channel up and running. If you already have a set top box and it’s not working, there might be a firmware upgrade available — so check the manufacturer’s website.

When in doubt, tune and tune again!

As a last resort, it can’t hurt to re-scan your TV channels. Some of our readers have reported success by waiting for sunny, non-cloudy day and then re-tuning. Best of luck!

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