Spend 15 Uninterrupted Minutes Thinking Happy Thoughts

Spend 15 Uninterrupted Minutes Thinking Happy Thoughts

If you’re regularly feeling down and struggle to pick yourself up again, here’s some advice from “the world’s happiest man”: take some time out of your day to relive happy memories and experiences. There’s a specific method to doing this and we’ve outlined it here.

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Matthieu Ricard is a 69-year old Tibetan Buddhist monk who participated in a 12 year brain study on meditation and compassion, specifically on how they affected on brainwaves. The findings from the study showed the part of his brain associated with happiness and reduction of negativity was extremely active, which earnt him the label “the world’s happiest man”.

One of his advice to become a happier person is to think happy thoughts for 10 to 15 minutes a day, free from distractions. It has to be a continuous flow of positive thoughts because when we experience feelings of happiness and love it’s usually fleeting.

In our fast paced lives, we are constantly interrupted by new thoughts and stimuli so Ricard insists on not letting your mind get distracted and staying focused on the positive emotion for the whole 10 to 15 minutes. If you repeat this training everyday you’ll begin to feel happier in as little as two weeks, according to Ricard.

You can read more on his other methods to become a happier person over at Business Insider Australia.

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