Microsoft Finally Makes Edge InPrivate Browsing Mode Private

Last week, we reported that Microsoft Edge Browser's InPrivate mode was still keeping track of users who didn't want their browsing history to be recorded. It's a disconcerting discovery considering the Edge browser launched last year and the flaw was only found recently. It would seem Microsoft has now fixed the problem.

Private browsing mode is now an expected feature of any mainstream browser. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge all have a private browsing mode but researchers at Forensic Focus found that Edge's InPrivate mode was still keeping track of the websites users were visiting.

Microsoft responded that it would rectify the issue as soon as possible and the company has kept its word. Here's the pertinent note in the most recent Windows 10 cumulative update 10586.104:

Fixed issue with Microsoft Edge browser caching visited URLs while using InPrivate browsing.

While Microsoft is eager to promote Edge as the internet browser of choice in a market dominated by the likes of Chrome and Mozilla, this security flaw may have damaged the browser's credibility. Most recently, Microsoft added support for a bunch of web technologies to Edge in a bid to woo developers into developing apps for the browser. Still no word on when Edge will be supporting extensions.



    Edge has so many missing features, just try to find out information on an SSL certificate, And I hate that they removed the ability to go back more than one page at a time.

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