Enable This Built-In Keyboard On iOS For Tons Of New Emoticons

Enable This Built-In Keyboard on iOS for Tons of New Emoticons

iOS: At this point, everyone knows how to get to the emoji keyboard on iOS. But if you prefer a fancy unicode emoticon instead, you'll need to dig in and enable a different keyboard. Head into Settings > General > Keyboard. Tap "Add New Keyboard" then scroll down and select Japanese > Romaji. With that keyboard enabled, head back to an app with a keyboard. Tap and hold the world icon, then select the Romaji keyboard. Tap the "123" button, then the "^_^" icon. Now you can scroll through a ton of new unicode emoticons.

How To Enable The Hidden Emoticon Keyboard On Your iPhone Or iPad [Redmond Pie]


    Because there aren't enough indecipherable, meaningless and useless emojis already.
    You need more.

    I just want to be able to disable the standard keyboard and just use swiftkey without it constantly reverting :(

      I gave up on swiftkey and other 3rd party keyboards, swiftkey kept locking up and id have to fiddle around or reboot to get text entry back.

        I've been using it for a couple of weeks straight with no issues. Turned off my phone once after first setting up everything and that's it. I can't deal with apples hidden punctuation and lack of swype typing.

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