The Essential Items To Pack For A Long Flight

Video: When you’re embarking on a long flight that will keep you in the air for hours, bringing a well-stocked bag can be your salvation from the grind of air travel. You’ll probably want some form of entertainment, but skip the heavy books and opt for magazines, tablets and smaller books(sorry, Complete Works of William Shakespeare!). And you’ll need juice for your electronics, so consider a portable battery pack. Toss in some snacks, noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs, an empty water bottle to fill up once you’re through security, and you’ll be pretty much set to survive your journey, sanity intact.


  • Some good suggestions.

    Though not sure why they’re suggesting magazines and books alongside a tablet and an e-reader. Just cut to the chase and take only the tablet as it makes all the others redundant. Especially now FAA and CASA rules allow non-transmitting devices to remain on during all phases of the flight.

    In addition to the above, make sure to put any meds in carry-on as you never know when flights might get diverted or delayed. And it’s worth taking a small kit of likely essentials. We usually take decongestants and some painkillers. Most airlines don’t routinely stock these so get a headache and without pre-packed you’re dependent on one of the hosties having some panadol in their bag.

    And most important of all, if flying international, is a pen. These are to fill in immigration cards as there are typically few available on the aircraft and rarely any in the terminal. Take a couple to share and you’ll be popular with those sitting around you.

  • Bose Noise cancelling earbuds (they’re tiny), a laptop or tablet loaded with movies and sleeping tablets plus a bottle you can fill with water.. Oh and an airline plug adaptor. Done no need for the excess verbiage above

  • Add to the medical kit Immodium and a tip for the water bottle, use those $1 disposable, fold up ones. I’ve been made to toss bottles in Dubai before

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