How Do You Beat Your Post-Holiday Blues?

How Do You Beat Your Post Vacation Blues?

Coming back to work after a holiday can be a huge bummer. You've spent a week or so relaxing and globetrotting, and now you're back to the same old grind. It can be a dreadful feeling. How do you minimise it?

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We've given you our own tips for beating the post-holiday blues; now we want to know what works best for you. How do you prepare to ease into the workweek? Once you've returned, how do you get back into the swing of things?


    Have something to look forward to. For some people it's their next holiday, for me this year it was getting a new pair of headphones. I don't really listen to music unless I'm at work and trying to focus, so I got myself a shiny big new pair of headphones with noise cancelling and that made it a bit easier coming to work knowing I'd have a new toy to play with.


    Edit: And mope. With a side of moaning or brooding, to taste..

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    The same way I get through a normal work day; lots and lots of coffee.

    You can't especially coming back to a dump like Sydney.

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