Beat the School Holiday Blues

It's school holidays and that means a steady chorus of "I'm bored" from the youngsters you might be responsible for. So, how do keep the kids entertained, on a budget? Here are five ideas for filling in the time during school holidays.

Board Games

It's an oldie but a goodie. Games like Monopoly and Ludo can fill in lots of time. Combined with a bowl of popcorn, the kids can fill in at least an hour with a decent game.


Most kids love to cook. Cookies and muffins are pretty easy to make from scratch so you won't need to make a trip to the supermarket for a packet mix. For bonus points, you can use some of your Easter eggs for chocolate chips or to create a gooey centre for a muffin.

Indoor Picnics

Given that we're moving into colder, wetter weather heading out to the local park might be a bit of a gamble. One of favourite picnic activities is to make some home-made pizza - you can either buy bases or they're not to difficult to make yourself - and create your own pizzas. For a bonus, you can make a banana and chocolate pizza, using some of your remaining Easter eggs, for dessert.

Console Game Tournament

Pick a couple of your favourite games - games like Mario Karts or sport-based ones are good - invite a couple of friends over and have a tournament. As long as you can keep a lid on the competitiveness, this can be a fun way to have an organised activity with a few friends.

Go to the Park

Take the kids to the park and let them run around for a while. A couple of hours on the swings, playing ball games and chasing each other will suck some of the excess energy out of the kids.

What are some of your favourite school holiday boredom busters?


    If you want to have fun, Monopoly is the best game to avoid. It is one of the few games that can drive rifts into a family. I would suggest games like:

    Settlers of Catan
    Ticket to Ride (the American map is the simplest)

    There are some more but these are the main ones that come to mind which I prefer and are also quite simple.

      I have never heard of these games. What happened to UNO and Trouble?

        UNO is evil. People start cheating and soon the whole family will be throwing objects to anyone who declares UNO.

      I'll second Fluxx - there's a Family Fluxx variant which is good when you have multiple generations of the same family around.

      To get a bit of variance into your board games, watch Wil Wheaton's new web show Tabletop for some ideas :)

    We occasionally do a playground crawl - look up all the best playgrounds within a reasonable drive, pack picnic lunch and snacks, and spend an hour or so at each one. is great for looking up parks to go to

    Kitchen science. There are so many experiments you can do with stuff in the pantry. Google "free science experiments" and you can get lots of ideas!

    *Mario Kart

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