Android++ For Visual Studio Is Now Open Source

Android++ For Visual Studio Is Now Open Source

Android++ is a tool that simplifies the development process for high performance Android apps in Microsoft’s Visual Studio. The latest version of the software has now been open sourced.

The tool is mainly for Android native development kit-based C and C++ applications and comes with a debugger that can be controlled within the Visual Studio IDE. According to the creator of Android++, Justin Webb, the tool is geared towards supporting applications where performance is critical, such as a game or simulation. He made the software as he saw Visual Studio was inadequate in supporting the development of those kinds of Android applications.

Webb said in his latest blog post:

Even with Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, Android support still has a long way to go in terms of matching the build performance offered by Android++. This project was designed to help real-world C/C++ projects (mainly in the Games industry), so there are various optimisations and unique approaches that are still of value (and worth sharing).

You can find the source code for Android++ on Webb’s Github page.

[Via Android++ blog]


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