Search 'Bubble Level' On Google On Your Phone To Get A Working Level


Google has recently added yet another occasionally handy tool to its search box, if you're searching from a phone. Just type in "bubble level" and you can get a box that uses your phone's accelerometer to determine if something's level or not.

While it's obviously possible that a digital representation of a bubble level could be incorrectly calibrated and thus slightly off, this tool still does the job in a pinch. In my tests it was accurate to at least within one degree. If you need reliability in your everyday work, you're probably already carrying a real bubble level with you, but for those one-off times when you can't find your level, your phone can do in a pinch.

Reddit via Android Police


    Or then, there's one of the many bubble level apps you can download for free too...

      This just saves having to install an app and launch it. Even just say "Ok Google. Bubble Level" brings it up. I've used it twice now hahaha

    Is this news? My iPhone 5s includes a compass app that with a swipe becomes a level (with angle readings). And you can lock it to get gradient differentials - ie, to let you know when you are off the desired angle.

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