Search ‘Bubble Level’ On Google On Your Phone To Get A Working Level

Search ‘Bubble Level’ On Google On Your Phone To Get A Working Level

Google has recently added yet another occasionally handy tool to its search box, if you’re searching from a phone. Just type in “bubble level” and you can get a box that uses your phone’s accelerometer to determine if something’s level or not.

While it’s obviously possible that a digital representation of a bubble level could be incorrectly calibrated and thus slightly off, this tool still does the job in a pinch. In my tests it was accurate to at least within one degree. If you need reliability in your everyday work, you’re probably already carrying a real bubble level with you, but for those one-off times when you can’t find your level, your phone can do in a pinch.

Reddit via Android Police


    • This just saves having to install an app and launch it. Even just say “Ok Google. Bubble Level” brings it up. I’ve used it twice now hahaha

  • Is this news? My iPhone 5s includes a compass app that with a swipe becomes a level (with angle readings). And you can lock it to get gradient differentials – ie, to let you know when you are off the desired angle.

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