Google Commits US$1 Million For Google Drive Security Research In 2016

Google Commits US$1 Million For Google Drive Security Research In 2016

With data breaches becoming more common, Google doesn’t want to end up in the news for all the wrong reasons and has dedicated US1 million to fund independent security research towards keeping data safe in its Google Drive cloud storage service.

Google already has over 500 security experts and a network of researchers working to protect its services but the company wants to invest more money in this area. It has announced that it will dedicate US1 million next year to fund even more independent security research that will help boost security for the Google Drive service.

Alongside the research grant initiative, Google will continue its reward program which offers up to $20,000 to individuals who find and report vulnerabilities in the company’s services.

You can learn more about applying for the Vulnerability Research Grants over on Google’s dedicated page.

[Via Google Drive Blog]


  • Google Drive and Dropbox are essentially someone else’s computers. While it’s good to see that they take security seriously, neither do end to end encryption of data.

    That means if anyone hacks your account they have access to all of your files. Tools like VeraCrypt work well with Dropbox, and SyncDocs encrypts Google Drive, both providing the extra security of end-to-end encryption.

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