Good Chance You're Not Getting Any More Money For IT This Year

IT pro hoping there'll be a better budget for tech spending at your employer this year? Don't hold your breath. A survey of 115 Australian CIOs by Gartner found that 35 per cent expected an increase in budgets, 40 per cent thought budgets would hold steady and 25 per cent saw budgets as flat.

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One factor in that flatness is that IT spending is increasingly happening outside the actual IT department — curse all those easily-accessed public clouds! Of the total money spent on IT, 74 per cent went to the IT department, 5 per cent to marketing and 21 per cent to other divisions, the survey found. Remember that when the support calls come in.

Where there is money to spend, these were the top 12 priorities Australian CIOs listed — something to consider when you're choosing training courses or career directions:

  • Mobile
  • BI/analytics
  • ERP
  • Infrastructure and data centre
  • Cloud
  • Digitalisation/digital marketing
  • Industry-specific apps
  • Legacy modernisation
  • Networking, voice and data comms
  • Security
  • Integration
  • Internet of things


    I think it comes down to whether your organisation treats IT as an asset or a "cost centre".

    Kudos for knowing that per cent is two words - but % says the same thing with much less reading time

    Legacy modernisation > Is the key in 2014, the number of companies still running XP with no real plan to get off it is a little scary.

    40 per cent thought budgets would hold steady and 25 per cent saw budgets as flatAren't steady and flat the same thing? Can someone explain the difference here?

    edit: punctuation ?

    Last edited 17/01/14 2:09 pm

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