PeopleSpark Is A Survey Software To Replace Annual Work Performance Reviews

Most organisations have an annual or quarterly performance review structure in place where employees are assessed on how well they are doing at work, how they feel about their current role and their career goals. PeopleSpark believes these reviews are ineffective and has brought out a survey software that managers can use to gauge workers' attitude and performance on a more frequent basis.

PeopleSpark's namesake software aims to replace the annual and quarterly performance reviews because, according to the company, they are too slow and nobody likes doing them. By the time managers and workers can act on the feedback they give to each other it is already too late.

Using the survey software, managers can implement weekly check-ins where employees fill out a short surveys on how they are feeling at work, what they have accomplished and areas they want to improve on. Managers can then provide feedback in real-time based on the answers.

The communications software also looks to improve communication between managers and their team members to foster more productive professional relationships and a happier work environment for everybody.

You can the software out for your team or organisation, you can sign on to a 14-day free trial over at the PeopleSpark website.


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