If You Didn't Choose Your First Career, Don't Be Afraid To Change It

If You Didn't Choose Your First Career, Don't Be Afraid to Change It

When you're growing up, you're encouraged to pick a career. When real life hits, you might find that you have to start working in a field you don't care much for. That may be a good sign that a career change is OK. Photo by COD Newsroom.

Changing careers is not easy and usually involves some kind of pay cut while you work your way back up from the bottom. This can be a good reason to stick with what you've already been doing. However, as business blog Entrepreneur points out, if you didn't choose your current career, there's a decent chance you'd be happier doing something else:

There are a lot of reasons to take a job in a particular industry. If your reason had to do with desperation, a family connection or a random circumstance, you may need to switch careers soon. Think about your skills and what you truly enjoy. Don't be afraid to consider off-beat careers either — being a forester isn't as common as a banker, but it may be the perfect fit for you. You deserve a career you chose on purpose.

Of course, sometimes if you hate your job, it might just be your own negativity talking. If you chose your current career, there's a decent chance that you at least enjoy the type of work you're doing. However, if you had to choose a career out of necessity or expedience early on, your dissatisfaction with your job may be a good indicator that switching careers will be beneficial for you in the long run.

9 Reasons to Switch Careers as Soon as Possible [Entrepreneur]


    I remember before Uni my high school back in the 90s had these IBM PCs which had these IQ tests on them. It was all very new and exciting. Depending on your score the computer chose from a list of careers what you would most likely be good at. The school however decided to take those tests seriously and put you in a lower or higher class of education so you could become that street sweeper you always wanted to be. That was indeed the day I left that stupid place and decided to go to Uni earlier via a new high school. Looking back at it all, maybe street sweeper wasn't a bad idea. You get out in the open air, your job is always needed and you probably get payed way more today than you did 20 years ago.

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