Modify Your Smartphone With A DIY Clear Backplate

Modify Your Smartphone with a DIY Clear Backplate

I will never stop thinking see-through electronics are awesome. One Redditor modified his Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a clear backplate, and the process wasn't all that bad.

Our friends at Gizmodo have the details below.

This modded Samsung Galaxy Note 5 isn't a thing you can actually buy, sadly. But with a razor blade, a heat gun and a little perseverance, it's a thing you can and absolutely should make.

The modded version was posted to Reddit by an intrepid DIYer. The process doesn't sound too bad: use a heat gun to melt the adhesive holding the back on, pull it off with a suction cup, then scrape the black backing off the inside of the back with a razor blade.

Sure, it will void your warranty and get you some questioning looks on the train. But on the flipside, it will also mean you're not carrying around the same soulless hunk of silicon as everyone else — not to mention it looks pretty.



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