Cut Carpet Like The Pros And Save Your Razor Blade

Removing carpet is easy to do, but this simple tip will make the job go a lot smoother. As a bonus, you'll save on razor blades.

Start this process by confirming you have a sharp razor blade. It's best to just replace the blade on your utility knife with a new one. Blades are inexpensive, and a sharp blade will make the next step so much easier.

Instead of raking your blade across the carpet and through the padding to make a cut, just make a 10cm-12cm hole and use your fingers to pull the carpet up with one hand, then cut the raised carpet with the other using your utility knife. Just focus on cutting the carpet — you can pull the padding up later. This simple technique prevents the blade from going dull against a concrete or wood subfloor, and it's much faster than cutting through the entire carpet.

How to Cut Flooded Wet Carpet [aaaflooddrying/YouTube]


    Do NOT get your fingers in the way of the blade.

    Just sayin'

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