Improve Your Tablet's Speaker With A Few Carefully Drilled Holes

If you feel like plopping down on the couch with some music or your favourite TV show, but hate the horrible sound coming out of your tablet's speakers, you can improve it with a bit by modding the tablet's casing.

Of course, you could always use headphones, but not everyone wants to use headphones if they don't have to — after all, they aren't always comfortable. Some tablets aren't very DIYable, but others — like the Asus Transform — have an easily removable backplate that muffles the sound, but can be modded for a better audio experience. All you need to do is drill a few holes to create a grille, and protect it with some fine cloth. Hit the link for a full guide on how to do it safely and effectively.

Louder volume on Android Asus Transformer [Instructables via Hack a Day]


    Wow, based on the Transformer! Perfect for me, I may even give this a shot, or should I wait for the warranty to expire? I liked the teardown info too! #]#]

    you should try using protoboard as a template, just glue it down to the inside, then use the holes as guides, perfectly spaced holes every time

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