Kogan Mobile Resurrected: How Do The Plans Compare With The Competition?

Kogan Mobile Resurrected: How Do The Plans Compare With The Competition?

Kogan Mobile may have failed miserably back in 2013 but the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is back with Vodafone as its wholesale telco provider. Only month-to-month plans are available on Kogan Mobile at this stage. See how they stack up against the competition.

The MVNO’s previous attempt at making it big was plagued by conflict with then wholesale provider Telstra and claims that high usage customers were being punished, which eventually resulted in the death of Kogan Mobile.

But Kogan is giving it another shot and re-launched Kogan Mobile today, promising plans with low prices and tons of data, all powered by the Vodafone network. It is currently running on a 3G network but Kogan has plans to switch over to 4G by early next year.

Kogan Mobile is offering three types of month-to-month plans:

As you can see, the cost of the plans is dependent on whether you want to pay in monthly, quarterly or yearly increments. The standalone 2GB data for $14.95 is reasonably priced given that Optus’ prepaid data only plans get you 4GB for $30.

So how do the mobile plans compare with the competition? We’ve done a basic comparison below:

Telco Cost per month Basic plan features
Telstra $35 $300 worth of standard calls, SMS and text with 500MB data
Optus $30 Unlimited standard calls, SMS, and MMS with 1GB data
Vodafone $30 Unlimited standard calls, SMS, and MMS with 1GB of data
Kogan $29.95 Unlimited standard calls, SMS, and MMS with 3GB of data (3G only for now. 4G coming early next year)
Amaysim $24.90 Unlimited standard calls, SMS, and MMS with 1GB data

Kogan Mobile does offer a good deal in terms of the amount of data that is provided but bear in mind that it uses the 3G network (for now), so download and upload speeds are a bit slower than 4G. Another factor to consider is excess data charges. Kogan doesn’t have excess data charges. If you hit the data limit the mobile internet stops working and you’ll have the option to top up with a data pack or a recharge. As for the other telcos listed, charges for excess data usage can vary. But if you’re confident that you won’t go over the allocated data allowance, then you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Would you give Kogan Mobile a go or is it a case of “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”? Let us know in the comments.


  • Wouldn’t touch Kogan with a 50-foot barge pole. Don’t care how cheap they are, absolute rubbish.

  • used to use kogan when they where on telstra and they where great since then changed to 4 different ones now with telechoice also on telstra. now that they are on Vodafone pass cause Vodafone out in the bush is crap time will tell

  • well then I have 4 months to find out how its doing and if it really goes to 4G. then Ill join.
    LOL 3G plans at any price are a joke now

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