Dealhacker: Kogan Mobile Just Upped Its Monthly Data By 2GB

Dealhacker: Kogan Mobile Just Upped Its Monthly Data By 2GB

Kogan Mobile has announced its customers will receive an additional 2GB per month on medium, large, and extra large plans. That works out to 5GB, 10GB, and 14GB to use over 30 days, respectively. The new plans are here to stay and apply to new and old customers.

From today, Kogan Mobile customers on Medium plans will receive 5GB (formerly 3GB) of data per month for $29.90. Large plan customers will receive 10GB for $36.90 per month, while Extra Large customers now get 14GB for $49.90. All three plans include unlimited standard national calls and texts. (Personal Use and Fair Use policies apply.)

If you’re already on one of the aforementioned Kogan Mobile plans, you will get the extra 2GB data automatically. New customers will receive the revised data allowances when they sign up. The price for each plan remains unchanged.

Here’s a table of the revised plans:

You can also opt for 90 or 365 day options for a discount. For instance, a 365-day Medium plan will set you back a one-off payment of $299.90 which works out to a saving of around $5 per month.

Kogan Mobile uses the Vodafone 4G Network and data is rounded to the nearest kilobyte. For more information, head to the Kogan Mobile website.

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