Killer Interview Question: Have You Considered Being An Entrepreneur?

Killer Interview Question: Have You Considered Being An Entrepreneur?

In this week’s KIQ, we take a look at a question that you might think you know the best answer to, but all is not what it seems.

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When you’re asked during an interview whether you’d want to be an entrepreneur, one could assume the obvious answer would be to say yes. Because entrepreneurs are associated with ambition, drive and creativity along with a vision for the future and these are things employers would be impressed with, right?

But that answer may work against you. For one, if you have plans to become an entrepreneur, it may signal to your potential employer that you’re not planning to stay in this job for long. They may not want to hire you and waste resources to train you up in the company just so you can fly off and do your own thing a year or two down the track.

It all really depends what kind of company you are interviewing for and what role you’re applying for. Generally speaking, the better answer would be to say you’d prefer to be part of a team rather than go down the entrepreneur path to make it big on your own. Not only does it show that you’re a team player and value the input of others, it also indicates that you’re thinking more in the present.

How would you answer the question?

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  • “Yes, but I quickly dismissed the idea. Entrepreneurs, business-owners in general, seem to need to be just the right kind of crazy – no offense – and I’m just not that kind of crazy.”

    • Alternately, if you’re not going into a sales position which is full of bullshit self-promotion instead of meaningful self-promotion:

      “Yes. I determined that the role is very demanding in areas that I don’t consider my strengths. I believe in playing to my strengths, which is why I’m applying for THIS job; the skills required for this role match my talents.”

  • It depends on the role, if it’s a task orientated ‘journeyman’ role – then probably better not to mention that you have ambition. If it’s a middle management role, with the potential to carve out an internal career path – then most definitely mention it.

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