Google Introduces YouTube Red, A Subscription For Ad-Free And Offline Videos

Tired of waiting to skip ads in YouTube? Wish you could save YouTube videos and music offline or keep playing when your mobile screen turns off? YouTube Red might be the subscription for you — and it includes a Google Play Music subscription for the same price as Play Music alone.

YouTube Red eliminates some of YouTube's major annoyances: Ad interruptions, the requirement to be online, and music and videos stopping when you open other apps or your screen turns off on your phone. With your subscription, videos won't include any ads (whether pre-roll, banner ads, in-video text-overlay ads, or others). You'll be able to save videos or playlists offline for up to 30 days on YouTube for Android or iOS, and background play will also work only on the Android or iOS mobile app.

The service costs $US9.99 a month and starts October 28 in the US. However, it also includes a Google Play Music subscription (unlimited ad-free music streaming), which costs $US9.99 anyway. So it's a no-brainer if you're interested in a Play Music subscription. And if you're already a Google Play Music subscriber, you'll get YouTube Red for free (sweet!).

While we wait to hear if it's coming to Australia, learn a bit more in the link below.

YouTube Red via Droid Life


    AdBlock takes care of the ads for free. Plus does anyone really watch that much Youtube?

      Didn't I read recently that a number of companies like Google/MS/Amazon were paying Adblock to get some ads whitelisted?

        Adblock was recently sold so i would imagine that the way it works will be changed in the near future.

      Categorically yes, yes they do.

      If I didn't have a Spotify premium account i'd go for this with the Google Music combo, very smart move for them to include that otherwise the value just isn't there.

      Im guessing you don't work in an office or have much exposure to people under the age of 25.

      I don't watch anything but youtube, I hate mainstream television

    Can't seem to find the subscribe link in

    Wasn't this announced around a year ago? Only it wasn't called YouTube Red at the time.

      Bingo - it was called YouTube Music Key. What the hell, Google? Also Lifehacker - c'mon buddy.

    At least they chose RedTube and not LemonParty to get confused with.

    Honestly what really irritates me is that YouTube red is US only, I'd get it IF it was available worldwide because it seems really cool

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