Build Your Confidence By Playing ‘The Compliment Game’

Build Your Confidence By Playing ‘The Compliment Game’

Not everyone is comfortable around people they don’t know, but a little confidence can go a long way. Try this exercise to boost your confidence in social situations.

This advice comes from writer and author Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich as part of his new Ultimate Guide to Social Skills. It’s very simple: the next time you’re out at an event, or a coffee shop, or otherwise in the presence of strangers, give someone a compliment. It doesn’t have to be big, and you’re not trying to make friends with them — just compliment that guy on his cool shirt, or the barista on their quick service. That’s all. Not only will you probably give them a small boost of confidence, you’ll feel more confident yourself.

Challenge yourself to try this a few times in a 24-hour period. It’s amazing how far something as simple as a small compliment can go into making you more comfortable around others.

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