PCs Vs Consoles: Why I'm A Console Gamer

With the release of every new console, I always have to ask myself: is this the year I return to PC gaming and stop buying consoles? The answer, every time, is a resounding no. Here's why.

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I used to be a PC gamer. Back in the '90s, I spent the bulk of my time talking with my friend Andy about PC builds and LucasArts games and not talking to girls. We'd get into heated, long debates about different Warcraft build orders, but I'd barely be able to finish my maths homework. But at some point, that changed, and I switched over to consoles exclusively midway through university. There are a lot of myths out there about console games — whether it's our absurd fanboyism or that we're all a little dumber than our PC master race counterparts — so I'd like to lay down why I prefer a console, even when I know why PC gaming is so often better.

Console games work out of the box, every time

Why I'm a Console Gamer

Let's start with some honesty: I'm too lazy these days to be a PC gamer. I realise that things have likely improved since the '90s, but that doesn't mean I want to spend any time whatsoever setting up a game to play it. What I like about console gaming is that you don't need to worry about resolution, colours, vsync or — if we were time-travelling back to the '90s — which Sound Blaster driver to use.

I realise this comes at the sacrifice of customisation, but I'm not the type to really customise anyway. I'd prefer my entertainment to come out of the box ready to go so I don't have to spend time worrying about how I can make it work. I'd also rather upgrade my system once every six or seven years with a single bulk purchase than worry about and waste time shopping for individual parts every two years.

Consoles aren't computers, and that's a good thing

I spend 40-50 hours a week in front of a computer for work, and I'm sure most of you do too. The last thing I want to do is spend my leisure hours there as well. Console gaming gets me away from my PC, out of my computer chair (or in the case of mobile gaming, out of my house completely) and away from work. Plus you get to kick back on the couch, which is a great way to take a load off at the end of a long day.

Console games are made for controllers

Why I'm a Console Gamer

Here's the thing about the controller versus keyboard-and-mouse debate: I'm not huge into twitchy first person shooters, so I couldn't care less about precision. I'll play (and enjoy) the occasional slow shooter like the upcoming Fallout 4, but you typically won't find me playing Battlefield or Call of Duty. So, that whole "mouse and keyboard is the best and most precise control scheme" just doesn't do it for me.

For as many keyboard-centric games there are on PC, there are just as many games that are best played with a controller because they're made that way. Dark Souls sounds horrible with a keyboard and mouse, as does Batman, Dead Space or Hotline Miami. I actually like the loose analogue controls of the twin sticks and pressure-sensitive buttons more than the precision of a keyboard-and-mouse. Hell, I've dumped 100 hours into XCOM on a console and you'd think that game wouldn't even work on anything but a PC.

Consoles get more exclusives

Why I'm a Console Gamer

It's pretty rare that a big-name PC game is released exclusively for PC. At some point, many of them come to consoles (strategy games are usually an exception, as are many indie games). But console exclusives stay exclusive, and when it boils down to it, the games are the only thing that matter. That's why we're even having this discussion, right?

Nintendo is still one of the best developers out there, and they make games exclusively for their own systems. Naughty Dog has released some of the best action-adventure games of the last 10 years, and they're exclusive to PlayStation. You can't play Demon's Souls, Mario Galaxy, Last of Us, Trials HD, Valkyria Chronicles or Journey on a PC. Some of those are my favourite games, and they keep me coming back. Unless you're huge into strategy games, PC games don't even come close with quality exclusives.

They're different beasts

Let's face it: PC gaming and console game are two different things. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Honestly, I'd argue they're so different that they're almost impossible to compare. Both attract a different kind of person entirely, but that doesn't make one better than the other. Sure, maybe us console gamers are a bit lazy, but that doesn't make us stupid. We crave intelligent, hard, and complicated gaming experiences. You just have to trust us more.

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This story has been revised and updated since its original publication.


    Biggest reasons for console over PC 1 - everything just works and 2 - they've always been more social - first on the couch and then online. PC is catching up and I love me some Steam. But 80% of my gaming is done on console.

      True PC Gaming has always had a much stronger social aspect than consoles... Think CS, Dota, LoL, Freelancer, Starcraft, Original COD, Minecraft. PC Gaming is not about the AAA Single player console ports that are most releases these days, its about building communities around games through modding and competitions, which is hard when the lifespan of a console game is less time than it takes to setup a forum or an IRC channel.

      PS: My pc is hooked up to a 115" 1080p projector in front of a couch

        True PC Gaming has always had a much stronger social aspect than consoles... Think CS, Dota, LoL, Freelancer, Starcraft, Original COD, Minecraft.

        You're thinking too recently. PC gaming used to be much less social, since your multiplayer games were limited to LANs, hotseats and 1v1 dialup. Consoles were always about getting friends over to play.

        That being said, I am a dedicated PC gamer - but in the past, PC's have always been less social than consoles.

          What does the past brings of constructive in todays scenario?

            He said PC's have always been more social than consoles. That's directly talking about the past, I was simply countering his point.

              Well, they have been. I was playing multiplayer WELL before it became routine on consoles. Starting with email only turn based. Then real-time wargames via. Vassal. Then came early shooters (like Team Fortress), and MMOs of course. Valve's Counter Strike (and it's brother Day of Defeat) took hundreds (maybe even thousands) of hours of my time.

              It's not even close. And just because a person can't get a PC running smoothly is no excuse. And the updrade time has slowed substantially. My current gaming PC is 5 years old, and I wont upgrade till next Christmas. Gone are the days of the 18 month upgrade cycle (or 12 month if you were into Mac gaming). That being said, I still game on consoles as well as PCs.

          My first multiplayer game I ever played was Quake 1 over TCP/IP in 1996 and it supported about 8 players online on one server. I also started playing UO in 1998 which supported hundreds if not thousands of players per server. Not to mention IRC, ICQ and other messaging apps that were used at that time. The platform was highly social even before consoles had the ability to connect to the internet.

          On top of that LAN and hotseat is just as social as sharing a couch with someone else to play games. What are you going on about?

            Mid 90's was when online gaming really started to blossom. If you go back even a few years before that, online play was much less common, and much more difficult to get working.

            Go back even further - in the late 80's, there was bugger all online play. Sure, you had the MUDs, but that was about it - and they weren't exactly booming in popularity.

            On top of that LAN and hotseat is just as social as sharing a couch with someone else to play games. What are you going on about?

            Hotseat - yes, but only for certain types of games. LANs not so much, since everyone had to own a computer, own the same game, and bring them all around. Consoles only 1 person needed to own the device and the game, and all your friends could play.

          I disagree, that is simply a choice and there was opportunity for social gaming on both platforms.

          Also this list doesn't even make sense, lets deconstruct, firstly this is 2015 and history in this discussion doesn't matter. The title is why I'm a console gamer so we are talking about the present.
          point 1./ games work out of the box. The setup time for console and pc's is actually leaning towards PC's now as 90% of games optimise for your hardware automatically and lets be honest its quicker to install a game on a PC then on a console. Hardly any console games work entirely off the CD anymore.
          point 2./ That's a choice about how you use it, it's just as easy to play on a PC connected to the TV while sitting on the couch.
          point 3./ This is 2015 PC's can use those controllers.
          point 4./ You can't just ignore a decent amount of games to validate your point the fact that strategy games and indies are generally for the PC means that the PC gets more exclusives then consoles. Also there is a certain Witcher series that was born on the PC.

          There is entirely too much opinion in this piece and not enough factual evidence to support it.

            firstly this is 2015 and history in this discussion doesn't matter.

            Err.. he said PC gaming has always been more social than consoles... that's inherently talking about history, so I was refuting that point. No one is saying that consoles are more social today, I am talking maybe 15-20 years ago.

            point 1./ games work out of the box.

            Tell that to anyone that bought Arkham Knight for PC. Games are optimized for consoles much, much better than they are for PC, simply because it's easier to optimize for 2 consoles than it is for the millions of different PC setups.

            point 2./ That's a choice about how you use it, it's just as easy to play on a PC connected to the TV while sitting on the couch. point 3./ This is 2015 PC's can use those controllers.

            Again, that's today. This wasn't possible 20 years ago. My point simply was that PC's haven't always been more social - no one is arguing that this is still the case today.

            point 4./ You can't just ignore a decent amount of games to validate your point the fact that strategy games and indies are generally for the PC means that the PC gets more exclusives then consoles. Also there is a certain Witcher series that was born on the PC.

            What does that even have to do with anything? I was simply commenting that PC's haven't always been more social than consoles - the exclusives aren't an issue either way. I agree that PC's get more exclusives - as I said, I am a diehard PC gamer - but the simple fact is that they were inherently less social than consoles if you go back to before online gaming was a big thing.

            There is entirely too much opinion in this piece and not enough factual evidence to support it.

            There is entirely too much of you missing the point and not enough evidence to support your arguments.

              cffndncr only the first sentence was in reply to you, the rest was a critique of the article.

              firstly this is 2015 and history in this discussion doesn't matter.
              I wrote that to set the seen, the article is saying why he is a console player now so for it to be an accurate story about that he needs to focus on the state of play now not what it was.

              point 1./ games work out of the box.
              You've missed the point. I agree that PC's experience more bugs but consoles aren't immune. My point was that it's now just as quick to get a new game throw it in a PC, install and start playing as it is to do with a console.

              point 2./ That's a choice about how you use it, it's just as easy to play on a PC connected to the TV while sitting on the couch. point 3./ This is 2015 PC's can use those controllers.
              Again was critiquing the article as it claimed that sitting behind a PC after working on a PC all day is different then using a console when it isn't.

              point 4./ You can't just ignore a decent amount of games to validate your point the fact that strategy games and indies are generally for the PC means that the PC gets more exclusives then consoles. Also there is a certain Witcher series that was born on the PC.
              Again I was critiquing the article. He's stating that consoles get more exclusives but first you have to ignore all the PC exclusives.

              There is entirely too much opinion in this piece and not enough factual evidence to support it.
              Again a critique of the article. Now the author might say that it's just how he feels and some of the things he has stated are to do with personal preference but as I've pointed out quite clearly a lot of things have changed and they make some of his arguments redundant.

                Ah. Sorry, it was a reply to my comment so I assumed it was all aimed at me.

                Time for me to climb off my high horse. How's your day going, friend?

          Nope, console players were those had the multiplayer tax, not we. How is World of Warcraft not social for example? Or the many other MMO games? They even ran in our browsers... and like every second random Flash game had a local multiplayer, not just the bigger productions. Oh, and there is a thing called LAN parties which are social and glorious at the same time. So no, my friend, you're the one who is thinking too recently. Every single game that wasn't trying to take the place of a movie (which was hard without the graphics of Star Citizen) inevitably had the social aspect, and they still have it, they go online only because the industry now tries to follow (and be honest, control) the trends, turning LAN parties into online voice calls with games.

          Also how is LAN multiplayer more limited than having to play on the same device to play together?

            Nope, console players were those had the multiplayer tax, not we. How is World of Warcraft not social for example? Or the many other MMO games?

            Again, you are thinking too recently. Think back to the late 80's or early 90's - not everyone had computers, getting those that had them to bring them around was (and still is) a chore, and online gaming was still in it's infancy. That's when consoles were more social - only 1 person needed to own a console or game, and you could play it with a bunch of friends.

            Also how is LAN multiplayer more limited than having to play on the same device to play together?

            Everyone has to own a computer, everyone has to own the same game. With a console, only 1 person has to own them for all your friends to play. Not so much an issue nowadays, but it used to be.

          I am curious as to what time period we are talking about? PC had online game play much before consoles, I used create and play games on Warcraft 2 battle.net edition and Starcraft when I was very young. I used to talk to people around the world as well as with friends from down the street

            I got into PC gaming in the early 90's, which sounds pretty similar to you. Before that, playing with your friends was much more difficult than it is today - not everyone had PC's, those that did may not have had the same games. Sure, you could usually find a game on battle.net, but dialup internet made that pretty tough (I had soooo many disconnected games because parents needed to use the phone!). LANs weren't big where I lived back then, so gaming with your friends was a pain in the ass.

            Compare that to, say, an N64 - you only need 1 console and 1 copy of the game, you invite your friends round, and everyone's on the couch playing together.

              Thats not 100% correct, Im old gamer and as a child/teen in the 80's & 90's I played both but I am mainly PC gamer. In the 80's & 90's no internet at the time for us but still very social as the same as a console. I play a game called Jones in the fast lane (93-94 this was) and it had 4 players my friends and I sit around the computer and play this game all together like console player would on their machine. I also remember on the Amiga which is PC my dad and I playing heaps of games together like Soccer, Racing games, Jumping games plus many others together on the one machine. I remember my parents playing more adventure games together sitting there mum with the map and dad on the controls working together to solve the puzzle. A few of my friends had PC we all do the same thing, no internet so we had too. So what you are saying is not true, PC gamers also did the same thing as console games and still do today.


          (I realize this comment is from ages ago, but it's so stupid that I had to respond)

          You do realize how stupid you look right now? You can connect controllers to a PC you nut.

    Great piece, although I am sick of the controller argument at this point. PC gamers use control pads when it suits them, and plenty even use them sitting on a couch or a comfy chair!

      This. We have our PCs connected to the television in the lounge room via HDMI-over-Ethernet, so playing PC games for us is basically the same experience as a console game, just with better graphics. I like having the flexibility to switch between precision (keyboard/mouse) and comfort (controller) as I see fit.

    Regarding exclusive games, PCs have way more exclucive titles. Every now and then you get your last of us game, but PC has every single MMO, every single RTS, every single MOBA, dont even get me started on the ammount of indie games.


      Yep, basically this.

      It’s pretty rare that a big-name PC game is released exclusively for PC. At some point, many of them come to consoles (strategy games are usually an exception, as are many indie games).

      This is flat out wrong. There are so many PC exclusives it's not funny. World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, League of Legends, Amnesia, Command and Conquer series, Supreme Commander, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, Arma, Dota/Dota 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, Shootmania, Total War series, Trackmania series, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, Warcraft series, Grim Fandango, "Age of x" series, STALKER series...just to name a few, plus a craptonne of indies.

      But console exclusives stay exclusive,

      This is also wrong. MANY console games eventually make their way to PC, and have done for a long time now. The main exceptions are those that are published directly by the console manufacturers (ie Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft). Games that are not directly published by those three very often do end up on PC at some point.

      Last edited 28/11/13 11:22 am


        I don't see THAT on a console ;)

        So true! Just to add to the list, basically the entire simulation genre which can't be played on consoles. DCS World, Rise of Flight, IL-2 series and its successors, rFactor 1,2, Steel Beasts 3, just to name a few.

        The only benefit I see for consoles is easily being able to play some multiplayer with friends on the couch. And even that's disappearing as consoles are becoming more and more internet focussed.

        So many of your noted PC exclusive games are either on consoles (World of Tanks, Elder Scrolls Online, FGrim Fandango or no longer relevant (C& C series, Supreme Commander, Total War series, CoH) that a lot of them become moot. People could list series/games on console that haven't had a main entry in 5+ years as well, in rebuttal.

          "5+ years as well" you say, Total War has a new game pretty much every year and CoH had a new one release just 2 years ago - pc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_PC_exclusive_games, consoles - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_exclusives_(eighth_generation), enough said

          What is funny is you can go back and list all the games that were all on older consoles and you wouldn't have a point since there are emulators for all the old stuff out. You can play old console exclusives on the PC but you cannot do the opposite.

        Deleted: double comment

        Last edited 07/12/15 10:27 am

        1) Pc has more exclusives
        2) Emulation has been invented.
        3) Consoles are computers..
        4) Alot of pc games support controllers.
        5) PC game buying:
        1. Get a game from gamestop or DRM (Steam, uPlay, Orgin etc.)
        2. Install it (Disk or DRM)
        3. Play it.

        Fun fact: on release PS4 was already 5 years outdated.

      That line is blurring. I never thought Diablo would work on a console, but it does. Same with any MOBA - yet Smite is now out on the xbone.

      Also, RTS's on consoles can happen. I played the original Red Alert on a Playstation, maybe 16 or 17 years ago. It was awful with the PS controller, but came with a custom mouse that made it almost playable. Nowhere near as good as on the PC, but still available.

        I played Diablo on the PS1, and it was horrible. Was just a terrible port, glad everyone has forgotten it ever existed. But it did.

        A lot of those older games were ported in one way or another, people just forget them because they were so easy to forget. Sims games, Sim City, Civilzation, and most RTS saw time on consoles at one point or another.

    so I could care less about precision.

    Can we get Lifehacker authors to read the "Mind your Language" articles? Have we had one that covers this?

      This irked me too. It's just another silly backwards Americanism that doesn't make any sense.

        Argh, yes! The people that use this have obviously never stopped to think about the actual meaning of what they're saying. So, you could care less, doesn't that mean that you DO care? Even just a little bit? Logic people, logic!

        In America, we say "couldn't care less." At least from what I see and hear. Pinning it as an Amaericanism for when a AUSTRALIAN author botched up the writing? Lol. Take responsibility, Aussies. Can't blame seppos for it all.

    Can't play mario galaxy on pc? Try saying that after seeing it run flawlessly at 1080p through the dolphin emulator.

    Console games work out of the box, every time

    Every time? EVERY TIME? Rubbish.

    How's that Master Chief collection going? You can't play that straight out of the box with zero patches. Infact nearly every single console game requires some sort of day 1 patch to play it. Hell, GTA V is almost unplayable without its day 1 patch.

    MKX for instance required a 1.8gb patch on day 1 as well. I own a ps4, wii u and pc, I'm platform agnostic myself, I don't buy into this whole rubbish of taking sides, it' silly, but wow what a silly point for the modern day when almost every single game requires a patch to run.

    Last edited 18/08/15 11:01 am

    "Consoles get more exclusives"
    "It’s pretty rare that a big-name PC game is released exclusively for PC."

    Ummmm... Civ5, Dota2, League of Legends (biggest game in the world right now), World of Warcraft, Star Citizen, StarCraft, the list goes on... and on... and on... The PC has more exclusives than all of the "next-gen" consoles combined, not even including the indie titles.

    "Consoles aren’t computers, and that’s a good thing"
    "I spend 40-50 hours a week in front of a computer for work"

    Then... don't play PC games at a desk? Play from the couch with an XBox controller, or get a Steam Machine or a Steam Controller to play PC games from the couch more easily. There really is no excuse to miss out on all the PC exclusives just because you like your couch. You can have both! PC gaming, zero compromise.

    "Console games work out of the box, every time"

    Total BS. Consoles have the same issues that PC games do. They are, after all, just computers. You can try to say that they aren't buy they really are the same. Just one is closed down so you can't do anything with it.

    There's just no excuse to pay $60 for games, or be forced to buy more than one platform just to play all of your favorite games. Get a Steam Machine, save money overall, and have a better experience.

    Can we as a society just accept the fact that the only reason you buy a console is because you either want to play console exclusives or you want to play games while lying on the couch?

    Given the consoles are basically just meh PCs with a weird OS at this point anyway...

    (PS PCmasterracecanintoallthethingsinthisarticle)

      No bruh. I like consoles cause I like to pay to play online, thats the real advantage for me.

        ive never met someone who prefers slower/laggier online play

    Consoles get more exclusives... *cough* have you tried opening steam ? or Origin *shudder* or looking in a videogame stores pc section? christ.

    I had consoles and PCs through until PS3 and Wii, and now just use the PC with my nephew/niece using the consoles. I used to have fun playing games with friends on the consoles but not long ago we took the Wii to a friends place with 4 controllers and mario party to play on his projector. The only problem was issues with controllers not always working properly and batteries dying in them etc, it was more annoying then just playing a multiplayer game together over the internet.

    All PC games I open these days detect your graphics card and alter the graphics settings to work best with that card and resolution, even nvidia experience will automatically do that. I've also not seen a game in a very long time that refused to work or had any issues.

    Everyone else has commented on exclusives enough, PCs have tonnes and Console exclusives aren't always exclusive.

    On the PC you can use keyboard an mouse, or a 360 controller or PS3 or a joystick or a trackball or a hotas or any other controller you wish depending on the game, it gives you freedom to play games the way you want.

    It's interesting that no-one has mentioned the price disparity between pc and console. Steam sales, humble bundles, less reputable sites like g2a, and piracy all make owning games on pc so much cheaper than console (even with the larger initial expense, anyone who plays games on a pc enough to care about these articles will recoup that within a year).

      I don't know if it's that much cheaper. Yes you can get games cheaper, but to set up a gaming PC that will output similar graphics to a current console you're still paying $1000+
      Inb4 I spent X on my PC.

        yeah that's a solid point but that's what I meant by the recouping thing. I think it's fair to say that if you're a pc gamer that shops around before buying, you can save anywhere from 20-50% of rrp on most games. On top of that, physical games are more expensive as opposed to digital ones. On top of THAT, it's frequently pointed out (on kotaku even) that PSN and Xbox sales are worse than their steam/gog/humblebundle/g2a/whatever counterparts. With those things in mind I think that given the life of both systems (if you use it for maybe 4-5 years, conservatively) you'd save enough on games even if you bought them legally to make back the extra expense on the actual machine. Especially given that as a console gamer you'd then have to buy games.

          Very good points. Depending on how many games you buy and how often, PC probably comes out on top.
          I do think that it's a lot easier to buy more PC games, especially during sales. Damned e-commerce!

        im gonna be that guy, but as long as you arent getting a prebuilt you can get ps4 performance for about 350-400, 300 if you find a cazy deal on black friday or something. And then once ps5 comes out, instead of spending another $500 you can just upgrade a few parts for 200-300 to get the same or better performance as ps5(as long as they arent selling it at a huge loss, like ps3 was). For 1000 bucks you can get 2-3 times the performance of the consoles. And if you dont want to build yourself you can get a pc store to build it for you for about $50. The price argument was good 10 years ago, but it isnt valid anymore.

          So whats the point of getting ps4 performance for $400 when you can get the genuine ps4 experience for $300?

          Getting low budget pc is the worst advice ever to anyone because the parts will all be outdated in 2 years. like two years ago, some of you were recommending duo cores for low budgeting pc. Now, most new pc games require 64bits making duo cores obsolete. To make matter worse, many of those low budget motherboards that supported duo cores dont support quad cores, upgrading means essentially a new pc.

          Exclusive games are all that matters. And lets face it, most pc exclusives are mmo or indies that can all be run on low to mid end pc. And on average, most gamers have only a mid end pc, so statistically speaking most console owners do have at least a mid end pc. So console owners are actually enjoying both pc and console games, while salty pc owners can only watch console games on youtube.

          And what is funny is that many of the pc owners call themsleves pc master race are people with a mid end pc thats not much better than console. High end pc owners are the minority here.

            As far I know 64 bit has nothing to do with dual or quad core. And most of the time, you don't have to upgrade a motherboard unless you are upgrading a cpu. If a pc gets outdated, toss a new gpu and you will be good to go. And factually, Pc has more exclusives than all consoles put together

    Longevity, it simply works and ease of use - that's why I like consoles over pc. my ps3 is over 10 years old and I'm still able to play dark souls 2, xcom, Skyrim etc. my pc from 10 years back.... spreadsheets and emailing. (yep I could try to upgrade but why waste money or time).. leading to ease of use. Console gamers just plug in and play. I've seen my mate with fustration setting up his asus motherboard and red lights on regarding bios. what? I want a life and happy gamer face asap... not a fustrated scour Internet or forums on answers to pc tech issues. had 20 years of those wasted moments. pc issues no thank you. and lastly ease of use... plug in and play... consoles this gen look, sound, and easily multiplayer for under £280!!! xbox or ps4 or wii u just work. no sweat or tears required. that's the beauty of console gaming it just does .... whereas pc might does as long as u r willing to waste time tweaking, fixing, upgrading or wasting valuable money on a pc. now if they were girls or a car which would u go for ?! The one which gives and gives or the one which requires hard work and constantly checking up on it lol.

      I just can't believe you that your ps3 is over 10 years old and still works. I owned 3 ps2's and the same number of ps3's, because each 2 years - "coincidentally" after warranty expired the consoles broke. Also consoles are not always plug in and play, I had multiple problems with games, memory cards, corrupted saves... Yes I agree it is more comfortable to play on console, at least it was on ps2, you really didn't have to install anything and the games were seldom broken, but when something goes wrong the chances you can fix it fast are minimal. Also the wasted time repairing pc is exaggerated - unless you have a serious failure, you can fix any problem in 10 minutes with google and stackoverflow, the initial setup of pc takes longer but it isn't like you do it every day.


    They never have done, this is a complete and utter, 100% lie.

    There are over 5000 games on Steam, more than the 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One COMBINED.

    Therefore, PC has more exclusives.

    PC can use controllers on multiplats - I use my PS4 controller for games like GTA 5, any racing game, Batman etc.

    PC games DO work every time, with the exception of some multiplats like Batman Arkham Knight of course. And console games DON'T work every time.

    Please watch...

    Consoles War: PS4 vs XBOX ONE vs PC (Round 5)

    of TechnoBuffalo on youtube

    1. Console games working out of the box... Wanderer. Street Fighter V. Last night I first put Masterchief Collection into my shiny new XBox One and it immediately demanded to download a 22GB patch.

    On the other hand, when I buy a game on Steam it usually downloads the patched version immediately, whereas it's common for a console game to download a game then require a large patch in addition to the initial download. This is really, really annoying, especially when you have a data cap.

    2. Consoles aren't computers... Not actually true. If it's the desk that bugs you, hook a PC up to your TV. Add a wireless controller while you're at it...

    3. Console games are made for controllers... But generally the PC version will also work with a controller. (However, some PC games use some pretty annoying keyboard combinations.) I actually sort of agree with this one - some games work MUCH better with a controller.

    Add MMOs to the list of games that work badly without a keyboard...

    4. Exclusives... Actually, all tracks from Trials HD are available as part of Trials Evolution for PC, and Valkyria Chronicles is also available on PC. Typically you'll see more distinct games released on PC in a week than you'll see on console in a month - and they will almost always be cheaper. (With, it must be admitted, frequently good reason.)

    In general, on PC the barrier for entry is much lower, so there are a lot more niche titles around, including some that are really interesting and worth playing. Minecraft was on PC for years before it hit consoles. In general, the indie scene on PC beats that on consoles hollow.

    5. They're different beasts... Again, actually sort of agree with this. The target demographics are different, so even though you can set up your PC as an ersatz console, the overall experience will be markedly different.

    Side note: That aforementioned recently purchased XBox One. Somebody needs to teach Microsoft that wait cursors in the middle of a forcibly blanked screen are NOT a good look. The PS4 interface is much, much slicker.

    Total War no longer relevant? You mean like Attila that came out a few months ago, and Warhammer TW coming out in a few months? Company of Heroes, you mean like the new expansion coming out next month? Supreme Commander? You mean like the indie spiritual sequels coming out only on PC recently? 'no longer relevant' in YOUR eyes. Skyrim is STILL extremely relevant and with mods is looking better than many 'next gen' games, as is GTA 4. XCOM 2, Arma 3, Civ Beyond Earth. Can you get Street Fighter 5 and FF Realm Reborn on Xbox, can you get Killer Instinct and Gears of War Remastered on Ps4? No, but you can get all on PC.

    What I like about consoles is the easy access, doesn't crash as much (depends on others) and play with your mates like FIFA, Racing etc. while you can relax on the couch with two wireless controls if you plan your friends to come over even your partner. I also own a PC for competitive gaming such as BF4 and CS:GO which Mouse n K are suited quite well. So no hate on these systems because generally they are different. As long you enjoy playing games and not waste time comparing which is better and calling people peasants. Just enjoy! Peace mon.

    Literally none of this article is true.

    You have to download, install, and update console games just like PC games, and they have just as many bugs and glitches.

    PC has tons more exclusives. PC outnumbers console exclusives by a massive margin.

    I frequently game on PC with a controller for certain types of games. Controllers don't perform as well for many types though, so it's not really an 'advantage'.

    Both of the major consoles are x86 based OS systems. They're running on AMD GPUs with Intel processors. Old mid ranged GPUs and Processors at that, they're even using the same type of Ram that PCs do. How exactly are they not 'computers'?

    This entire article is one big pile of misinformation and lies. Next you'll be telling me that you need a $1000 PC to match console specs, or that 30 FPS is actually better because it's more 'cinematic' and that the human eye can't tell the difference anyway.

    You say "inb4 I spent X on my PC." You're literally trying to stop people from proving you wrong, you can spend as much on a PC as a Console, there are sites dedicated to this. I won't tell you the price of my PC because I chose to go above and beyond console prices but don't try to set yourself up to be correct without the chance for any rebuttal. And yes, new releases go for half price on sites like G2A but no, you don't even need to spend $500 to beat out consoles. And having a lower resolution and going for 30fps pretty much makes PCs cheaper most people are going to want 1080p 60fps which you can get for the same price as the 900p <30fps machine.

    Lol I would go for the one that requires hard work because it lasts a lifetime and still "gives and gives"

    No. Just... no... Console games do NOT just work out of the box. Halo Master Chief Collection, Driveclub, and how many times has Xbox Live or PSN (services you must PAY FOR if you want to play online, which is FREE for PC gamers) gone down in the last three months alone?
    You can play your PC on your TV, today more easily than ever. Steam Link, or even simply plugging your HDMI cable into your TV, it's simple, effortless, and reasonable. I'm doing it right now!
    So the fact that console games are "made for controllers", along with the fact that PCs can use controllers on those games, plus the fact that with a PC, you have the option of using a KB/M if you want, when consoles restrict you to controller... those things are somehow a point AGAINST playing on PC? Wow...
    More exclusives on console... So aside from the fact that you openly admit most strategy games are PC only, you're writing off the fact that this genre literally consists of thousands of titles - all backwards compatible thanks to Steam - unlike the hundred or so games that are available backwards compatible on Xbox One. Not to mention many MMOs are PC only, like World of Warcraft.
    I don't think you are openly trying to bash PC gaming, I just want to make sure people get the facts, of which there are few in this article.

    Point 1: As do PC games. cant remember the last time it didnt. Broken games are a problem on the full pc and the console(which is nothing more then a restricted pc with a different os).
    And updating every 2 years? it is not true, only if you want to play everything on max all the time. On console they just lower the res or details.
    Point 2: you can play on a couch with pc too. And really reminds you too much of work? you care about that when you play a game you like?
    Point 3: you can use every controller you want on pc, there are even more controllers/joysticks/wheels on pc.
    Xcom? lil sad that you being on console never got your hands on the free LONG WAR mod.
    Point 4: right but for the wrong reasons. Since when was holding games host a good thing?
    will come to pc via emulators anyways.
    Point 5: not really a point. stop it beng lazy is a anti console argument. why clam to crave intelligent, hard, and complicated gaming experiences but conosle are the main reason why everything is getting more streamline and easy. why are you paying money to be allow to play online? why are the budgets for games so high? why holding franchises hosted? why do consoles are using 6 year old hardware?... list goes on. being lazy is the reason why only sony & microsoft are liking it and everybody else is suffering.

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