Swype Update Adds Custom Themes, Emoji Keyboard And More

Swype Update Adds Custom Themes, Emoji Keyboard and More

Swype is such a popular keyboard alternative that nearly every other phone keyboard has copied its signature feature. If you're still devoted to the classic, you can now get a few new features including some sweet custom themes and an emoji keyboard.

You can now get custom keyboard themes from Swype's built in theme store. Some of the themes are pretty expensive. Although maybe you can't put a price on having Spock's face under your keyboard. The new emoji keyboard also allows you to browse your emoji library with ease.

Swype Free [Google Play Store via Android Police]


    It bugs me that most of the themes don't display the alternate characters hidden by long press. For example 'x' having '!' (being the only one I've memorised). I might be inclined to use (maybe even buy) more themes, if only they would have that display.

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