Maximise Your Runs By Doing It Backwards

Maximise Your Runs By Doing It Backwards

There are people out there who love to run. Others, however, force themselves to run for health benefits. If you belong in the latter category, then it’s important to make the most of your time pounding the pavement. Here’s why running backwards could be the answer.

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Yes, you will get looks by onlookers when you do this, but jogging backwards (while turning your head enough to see where you’re going, of course) could reduce the strain on your knees, improve your balance and burn more calories.

For one, doing it from behind (ahem) requires you to be more aware of how your body is moving. You instinctively become more careful when you jog backwards so you’re utilising your muscles with purpose which, in turn, works them harder. You’re more likely to take gentler steps as well, which your knees will thank you for.

I’ve been incorporating backwards jogging in my usual running routine and I have experienced the benefits. Overall I feel the payoff is good as jogging backwards even for a short distance makes my body feel as though it has been pushed much harder. It’s also kind of fun, which is important for keeping me interested in exercising.

If you’re keen to get into jogging, try doing it backwards to see if it works for you. You can also try some of our tips and tricks to help you enjoy your new workout.

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