What’s Your Biggest Infosec Fear?

What’s Your Biggest Infosec Fear?

It’s an interesting question. When it comes to your business’s information assets, security policies and defensive measures — what is it that makes your CSO or CISO lose sleep?

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At the recent RSA Conference in Singapore, RSA’s president Amit Yoran was asked this question.

His response:

The biggest concern around Internet of Things is that we’re rushing forward and embracing this technology without having fully thought through [all the implications].

Yoran’s concern is new technologies like IoT are becoming so pervasive so quickly that we’re not able to adapt our security posture fast enough. With devices that cost just a few cents, use little power and are designed for open communications we’re opening Pandora’s Box to a range of new threats and opportunities for adversaries.

So, we’re curious – what are you most concerned abut when it comes to your company’s information assets? Is it the rapid adoption of emerging technologies? Do you face a determined and well-resourced adversary? Let us know in the comments.

The author of this article travelled to Singapore to attend the RSA Conference as a guest of RSA.


  • Hmm, I imagine at our company that the BIGGEST concern would be if someone was somehow tracking all our clients data to and from our servers and then storing it in one place… that might attract the wrong type of crowd as a potential target more than if it was just on our servers.

    … but nobody would be stupid enough to do something like that, right?

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