rsa 2015

  • Infosec: It’s Not About Security

    During last week’s RSA Conference in Singapore, a panel hosted by RSA Conference Chair Dr Hugh Thompson with Tobias Feakin, the director of the International Cyber Policy Centre, RSA’s CTO Zuli Ramzan and Paul O’Rourke, the Asia-Pacific Cyber Security Leader at Ernst & Young discussed a number of interesting issues pertaining to the “Asian Opportunity…

  • Are We Getting Better Or Worse At Security?

    During an exclusive Q and A with RSA‘s President Amit Yoran, we wanted to find out whether the infosec industry was getting better at fighting off adversaries and stemming the tide of mega-breaches and other security incidents.

  • The New Way To Buy Software: ‘Permissionware’

    We’ve been through the shareware era. We have donationware, subscription software and plain, old buy-it-in-a-box software. But the latest way to “pay” for software is by giving apps permission to access your location, camera and other data on your smartphone.

  • Five Security Take-Aways From RSA’s 2015 Opening Keynote

    During today’s opening keynote for the 2015 RSA Conference, delivered by RSA CEO Amit Yoran at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, the approximately 4500 delegates were told that the “old” approach to security was done. It’s time to approach security from a new perspective with the old methods ineffective.