How Do You Do Your Weekly Review?

How Do You Do Your Weekly Review?

A weekly review can help you get organised and focus on the things that are actually important in your work and your life. So, how do you handle your weekly review?

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We've discussed the benefits of the weekly review before, as a time to not do work, but look back over what you've accomplished, rearrange your priorities so you're always working on important things, and then schedule your work for the coming week.

Everyone does their differently though. Personally, I spend 30 minutes to an hour each Monday so that I know what key meetings I have that week and what I need to prepare for them. What do you look at during yours? How do you use weekly reviews to reach your goals? When in your week do you do your review and why?


    Mine is sort of a rolling review. I use this method day to day, and write down appointments and "to do"s, and I highlight the ones that aren't done that day, then at the end of the week compile them and add them to the list for the following week. There's also a 'review' section so I can see what I did hour by hour each day.

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