Why Your Weekly Review Should Be On Monday

Why Your Weekly Review Should Be On Monday

Weekly reviews are a great way to stay organised and make sure you’re prepared for upcoming projects. Try scheduling your weekly review on Mondays to jumpstart the week, and ease into the week on a good foot.

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By having your weekly review at the start of the week, you’re refreshed from the weekend and can focus on figuring out what the coming week’s big tasks are. For example, you could look over your schedule to see if you have any important meetings or projects you need to prepare materials for, then block off prep time on your calendar early in the week, before everyone’s booked you with meetings. Make sure you check your schedule through the next week’s Monday so you’re not stuck scrambling to prepare something the day of. For more details on how to put the Weekly Review method into practice, check out this post.

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  • Tried that. Everyone spent the weekend worrying about what hadn’t been done, and then on Monday weren’t as fresh as they could be on the details of what had happened the previous week.

    Moved the review to Thursday, and everyone was much happier, and no less productive.

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