Briefly: Mad Max Meets Star Wars, Windows 10 Love-In, Free Tacos

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Watch an amazing time-lapse video of the sky, why you should upgrade to Windows 10, free Nespresso delivery.

  • "Road Wars" is an ingenious movie mashup of the Mad Max and Star Wars movie franchises. It uses clever editing and CGI to create a glorious fan fiction trailer. Watch it here.
  • One week from today, Windows 10 will arrive. This article explains why you shouldn't wait to upgrade.
  • This timelapse video captures the ferocity of the clouds, the sky and the phenomenons that happen up there, and it’s just stunning.
  • Old El Paso is giving free Tacos in select states and territories. Click here to find the freebie spot closest to you.
  • Nespresso is offering free delivery on all orders via its online store. Hurrah!


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