Video Briefly: New Star Wars Trailer, Metal Gear Solid Explained, Colossal Machines

Video Briefly: New Star Wars Trailer, Metal Gear Solid Explained, Colossal Machines
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Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: the new Star Wars movie trailer released on Instagram, Metal Gear Solid’s plot explained in 12 minutes, big machines and the creation of a cello.

  • There’s a new Star Wars movie trailer on Instagram. Features new shots of fancy blue lightsabers, woohoo!
  • Construction equipment is cool as a rule. Comically-large construction equipment? So much better. Here are some videos on these freaking colossal machines.
  • Metal Gear lore is remarkably complicated and goofy. Michael Huber at GameTrailers tries to quickly sift through it all and distil it down to the main points. I think it pretty much works!
  • The Flock is a multiplayer horror game that ends after too many people die. Cool idea! The game itself? Freaky, but limited. Check out this video to find out more.
  • The cello is a gigantic instrument so it’s really no surprise that it basically takes an entire tree to make. What is impressive about the process of making a cello by hand though is just how long it takes to carve the wood down, to precisely cut out the shape, and to put all the pieces together. Now you can watch this whole process unfold.
  • Unless you were an audio engineer in the ’60s, you’ve probably forgotten about the Mellotron, an archaic sampler that played back sounds stored on magnetic tape when you pressed a key on a keyboard. A hacker has turned some casette players into a creepy DIY synth.
  • In a perfect world – or at least in the perfect world I have in my mind – kids would learn about chemistry, history, or human evolution theory through claymation short films as cute and clever as this one. Actually, adults would learn like this too.